To Post or Not To Post?


That is only one of the questions.


As I check my feed reader I see most bloggers not posting very much real content. Just some light content posts and such.


I've got a few good ideas for posts but I honestly don't want to use them when nobody is online. I mean, I know how I am when I check my feed reader after a few days and it's got tons of posts in it. I scream through them and barely read anything.


I think I'm going to just hold off on the real content for a little while. Besides, I'm pretty busy with a couple of other projects I'm working on ;)


I hope everyone is enjoying this slow time and getting some quality family time in.



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Awesome Teen Bedding


What a wonderful time of year to spend curled up in a warm bed while watching TV and blogging or some other spectacularly unproductive activity.


Adults are happy with just about anything on their beds as long as it is warm and fluffy. It will usually have some generic flower print or geometric design.


Little kids will be content with the latest offering of princess or fairy motif for girls and cars and trucks or camouflage for boys.


Teenagers are a whole different ball game. They want to be able to express their individuality in everything they are associated with especially their bedroom and its decorations. This is where Vision Bedding comes in. They offer some of the most unique and exciting Teen Bedding I have ever seen.


Not only do they have some very cool stock patterns available, they even offer the ability to completely customize your design to fit your teen's tastes with personal designs, photos or anything else your teen can come up with.


You know, letting your teenager design their own bedding probably wont solve all your household arguments but it will eliminate at least one gripe, right?

Universal Wishes


Sometimes I have to remind myself I'm not just speaking to an American crowd. Some of you guys are from places I would probably not feel safe traveling in. Of course, that's nothing against you personally, it's just a fact.


Recent history has shown us instances of entire cultures going into uproar over perceived insults and I wonder, as we approach the time of year Christians find sacred, do people of other faiths feel offended when a Christian wishes them Merry Christmas?


I can only speak for myself but I would find no offense in a Muslim wishing me a Peaceful Ramadan, a Jew saying Happy Hanukah or even a Pagan wishing me a Happy Solstice.


I don't see these wishes as being some form of proselytizing or forcing their faith on me. I see it as someone simply sharing the good will and love of their faith with another person. In that spirit, I wish you all a


 Merry Christmas


Almost Christmas!


Well, it's almost Christmas. Everyone is really getting geared up and the tension level is rising proportionally.


I'm not quite done yet myself. I'm going to make one more shameless money grab before I take a couple of days off.

Tracker on the Trail


It's traveling time for the Tracker. I'll be unplugged for a few days but I should be back before Christmas.


Make yourself at home, keep your feet off the table and replace whatever you eat out of the fridge. I'll see you in a few days.


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The Blog Before Christmas


This is a wonderful rework of "The Night Before Christmas" from a blogger's perspective. Since I was tagged in this meme I have the right to reprint this outstanding work from one of the smartest and most humble guys in the blogosphere, Mark Sierra from Me And My Drum. You can see the original post here.


'Twas My Blog Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the ’sphere
Me and some bloggers were spreading good cheer.
All the ads were hung in my sidebar with care
In hope that my readers would soon click some there.


I wrote a few posts and scheduled ahead,
Awaited my traffic, while I was in bed.
Next morning I woke to find my stats low.
“What happened?” I cried, “Why didn’t they show?”


When I asked Adsense Tracker for her to help me
She said “
Stumble Trolls are the answer, you see?”
So I stumbled and stumbled, then stumbled some more
I searched for one hundred, but only found four.


Scary they were, all angry and wrinkled
Some consumed donuts (some of them sprinkled).
“Can you bring me my traffic, and make it real high?”
I awaited their answer, while swatting a fly.


“Get lost, little blogger, we serve only ourselves.
If it’s help that you want, find some blog elves!”
“Blog Elves” I repeated. Do they really exist?
So I sailed to Kyle’s Cove, to see what I missed.


“No Blog Elves are here,” Kyle said with a grin.
“What you need my good man is a
WordPress plugin.”
I scratched my head thinking who else I should ask,
I began to fret over this challenging task.

My adventure it took me to a friend I call “K”
So I stopped at his home page to see what he’d say.
“Glad you asked me, good buddy, I have lots I can mention,
But what you need now is a
browser extension.”


I said, “Thank you, friend K, but I have far too many.”
So I sailed and I paid the toll man his penny.
Penny! That’s it! The answer is money!
So I went to the man whose wife calls him “honey”.


Security was tight and the line was quite long.
To close on my goal, I had to stay strong.
When I finally approached his shiny gold throne,
I felt very small, I felt so alone.


“Excuse me, kind sir”, my voice it was squeaky,
“Can you help my young blog?”, I said rather meekly.
The man, he walked toward me, I quickly grew wary.
When he stopped just before me, his name tag read “


“Dude, what you need is my frequent reminder.
It’s a very cool tool called Micro Niche Finder.”
And laying a finger aside of his nose,
His jet-pack flared on, up the chimney he rose.


I peered out the window as he floated and flew.
“You need awesome content and Google AdSense, too!”
So I went back to blogging, and wrote this here post,
Not knowing to Google if I would play host.


Would search engines find me? Would people stay here?
Would the Feedburner chicklet go into high gear?
Blogging Gal Tish and some ThingsbyMike
blogs that they love, but mine would they like?


Then finally it happened. There arose such a clatter,
I ran to my blog, to see what was the matter.
G’Analytics showed numbers aglow.
I was thrilled and ecstatic. Oh what a show!


Readers left comments, told friends far and wide.
Bush stopped to say, “That is quite a tide
Of traffic you have here, my gosh that’s so cool!”
I love it when I have caused others to drool.


But I know that to keep it involves lots of work.
Keep writing good posts and not be a jerk.
So as this year closes, I say to the ’sphere,
Thanks for your comments and coming back here!


The man on his jet-pack, I could hear flying by,
And as he drew near heard him utter this cry:
Christy, now Bobby, now Colin, and Baron,
Christine, on Marzie, on Tish and now Aaron


These are the bloggers who I travel with most.
And to each I assign this “Twas” Christmas post.
Just copy and paste, and tweak as you like,
Remember to link to others you like.


Merry Christmas everybody!


And for those of you who aren’t tagged, feel free to copy and paste and modify with blogs you like.


Created by MeAndMyDrum.


If you liked this, and I know you did, why not go over to the original post and show Mark some Stumble love? While you're there subscribe to his feed so you don't miss any of his great posts.

Online Discounts and Deals


This is NOT a paid post. (But it should be)


This is an introduction to my newest online endeavor; DiscountDealFinder. Discount Deal Finder dot com is a site where you can find the best online discounts and deals available. I scour the internet trying to find really good deals to post in a wide variety of categories. So far I've been able to locate and post Computers Discounts, Electronics Discounts, Sporting Goods Discounts and Footwear Discounts.


Instead of posting everything at once, there will be a new post every hour or two just to drive the search spiders bonkers :) You don't have to check in constantly though, you can just check once a day to keep up and eventually I'll probably set up a RSS feed.


There is still a bit of tweeking left but I felt like it was ready to introduce to you. Check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think.



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Another Round of Contests


Let's enter some contests!


$250 Amazon Gift Voucher


Well, the benevolent bovine, John Cow, has conned another sucker convinced another sponsor to provide a cool contest prize. This time around the generous sponsor,, is kicking in a $250 gift voucher from That's enough moolah to make almost anyone's Christmas a little bit more merry. is an advertising outfit where you can buy a PPC campaign for yourself or sign up as a publisher and make some money. They even have a decent affiliate program if you're interested in that end of it. It pays 20% commission on profits from advertisers for 90 days and 10% on profits from publishers for a whole year.


This contest is a little bit more difficult to enter than some of the others they have run in the past. The good thing is, that often means fewer people are entering because most of them won't take the time to follow all of the directions like writing a 200 word blog post and all of the other requirements.


So, once again, all you have to do is follow the tips I gave you to win a contest. If you will take the time to read all of the directions and follow them to the letter you will find yourself in rather limited company among the people who have actually qualified to be potential contest winners.


Don't take too long deciding to get involved with this one though, it ends December the 20th. If I were you I wouldn't wait until the last minute because I don't know how well cows can read clocks or calendars.


Blog About Your Blog


Matt, from BlogAboutYourBlog, is running a very cool contest with several sponsors including yours truly. The primary sponsor this time around, NeverBlueAds, is kicking in three $100 cash prizes for the top three winners with several other sponsors providing prizes that pay all the way to 8th place. Here are the sponsors:


First-Third Place 100$ Winners from NeverBlueAds
Fourth Place Website Review on BAYB by Adsense Tracker
Fifth Place 25$ from Blogging4Everyone
Sixth Place Website Review from Nspeaks
Seventh Place Website Review from SelectIndex
Eighth Place Featured Blog Spot on A Links Blog


Don't tell anybody but the word is there aren't very many entries in this contest so your odds of winning are pretty good ;)


Win A Wii


Contest Beat is giving away a Nintendo Wii just like the one I won from John Cow earlier this year. is the sponsor for this one also so I'm not going to enter but I did want to tell you about it. This one is pretty easy to enter so check it out.


$5000 Dell Laptop


I saved the big boy for last. I like to reward you guys that hang around to the end :) is giving away a super tricked out Dell laptop dressed out in the World of Warcraft theme. Now, I'm not a WoW participant but, hey, this is one cool computer. Entering is super easy, just make a comment on this post. The odds are a little long on this one. I'm betting they end up with about 40-50 thousand entries or more but you can enter every day from now until December 21st to improve your chances.


It's a $5K computer package, it's worth a shot.



That's it for now, good luck!



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Sivatar Yourself


I've been meaning to write about this for a while now, so here you go.


Sivatar is the latest incarnation of the avatar wall. Basically it consists of a front page display of 40 random avatars out of almost 400 that have been registered. When you click on one that looks interesting you are taken to that blogger's site.


The system is pretty straight forward and seems fairly simple. I'll tell you, I only put an avatar up on a whim. I really thought it would be a waste of time. It turns out I was wrong. I have actually been getting a few hits almost every day from Sivatar and have even picked up a few new subscribers from that little icon.


I know you're just dying to see my Sivatar. It can be found here. I know, it's lame but I was in a hurry and I really didn't think it would ever be seen. Sue me ;)


Anyway, do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes to set yourself up with your very own Sivatar and see what happens.



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Web 2.2 - Virtual Meets Reality


I guess it was bound to happen, social media is getting ready to take the next logical step; into the Real World.


Web 2.0


By now most people are familiar with the concept of Web 2.0 but for those who aren't, here it is in a nutshell. Web 2.0 took the static world of web pages (Web 1.0) and added the social and potentially viral nature of community sharing and bookmarking. Examples of Web 2.0 sites are MySpace, FaceBook, Digg and StumbleUpon among hundreds if not thousands of others.


Web 2.1


The social networking aspect of Web 2.0 sites quickly took the obvious next step of Social Media Alliances and voting groups. The purpose of these groups is to work as a community to introduce their members' content to the social media public. These alliances are frowned upon by the Web 2.0 sites, therefore, even though their existence is common knowledge, few will admit to participating in them.


Web 2.2


The next logical step for social media and networking is to bridge the online and offline world.





Next2Friends is a mobile based social network who's hope is to bring the best of FaceBook and MySpace virtual worlds into the real world. This paragraph from a promotional email describes how it works.


You set up a Next2Friends profile detailing all your likes, dislikes, quirks and everything that makes you who you are. Then, as you move about in the real world, if you have the Next2Friends software loaded onto your Bluetooth and or P2P WIFI enabled mobile device, Next2Friends will automatically collect and match your data to other Next2Friends users you came into close proximity with. When you next sign into your account you’ll receive notification of all the people you passed throughout the day who share your likes, dislikes, and yes, even your quirks. The rest is up to you! After a while you might find yourself wondering, “are you Next2Friends?”


So, as I understand it, you turn your Bluetooth or WIFI mobile device into a tracking beacon and at the end of the day you can see if that guy or girl you sat next to on the buss likes the same things you do. Hmmm...


Is anyone else starting to feel a little creepy?


I mean, if I'm seeing this about them, they're seeing it about me too. I don't want some guy with B.O. who doesn't brush his teeth regularly thinking we were made for each other just because he knows we both like the same band and enjoy watching football.


Can you see it now?


"Hey man, I thought you were going out to the club?"

 "Yeah, I did. When I got there I checked my phone and there were only three girls there I had anything in common with and they were all ugly, so I just came home."


Granted, Next2Friends will offer some interesting features like the ability to stream live video from your phone to any or all of your friends, if it works. Another feature is Ask A Friend. It goes like this,


Say you’re out shopping for shoes and you find 3 really great pairs of shoes but you’re not sure which ones go best with your jeans. With Ask-A-Friend you can snap photos of yourself wearing all three pairs and then create an instant opinion poll to send to all your friends for a vote. The results are then sent directly back to you.


I can see some girl telling the saleslady, "I'm waiting for my friends to vote on my poll and tell me if these pants make my butt look fat."


They promise their network is secure.


Worried that this could become a way for people to track you throughout your day?  Fear not! Next2Friends’ patent pending technology insures both anonymity and privacy via a highly secure implementation methodology and exclusive encryption algorithms so you will only be seen if and when you want to be seen!


Right. And credit card companies never get hacked either.


Next2Friends is scheduled to open Beta testing on Christmas eve and go live eight days later on January 2nd. It might be interesting but I think I'll pass for now.


I wonder what the next step will be. Any ideas?



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Hooker Fight!


You may think I'm a whore. Garry Conn certainly seems to.


In his opinion, anyone who accepts sponsored reviews or paid posts is,


"accepting money from a pimp daddy for doing whorish work."


He seems to enjoy the "Pimp Daddy" reference because he returns to it again when he declares that after a blog gets google-slapped for paid posts,


"...your pimp daddy will no longer want you and you'll be left in the dark with no job, and no PageRank to come crawling back to."


Wow! Got drama?


I have no intention of arguing the issue of whether or not I'm a whore. Quite frankly, I don't care what anyone thinks and I'm quite certain this was just one of Garry's experimental posts where he tries to stir up controversy and get attention. In fact, I was a little hesitant to reward him with a PR4 link but, hey, it's Christmas.


The irony of the whole thing to me is, these over-the-top statements came from someone who makes their living off of a network of over 100 sites who's sole purpose is to lure in searchers in the hopes that they will click an ad or affiliate link.


In that context, doesn't it start to sound a bit like a hooker yelling across the street,


"You may make $15 a trick but your pimp's gonna dump you one day!


My pimp promised as long as I work for 50 cents a pop, he'd keep me around forever!"


We might as well be standing on a corner in downtown Memphis.



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How To Review A Blog - Revisited


A couple of months ago I posted a reasonably well constructed and fairly well received article entitled, "How To Review A Blog". It even tied for second place in the How-To Group Writing Contest/Project at Blue Jar dot com, netting me $62. (Thank you Sarah and thank you voters)


The problem is, I have come to the conclusion the article is terribly flawed. If a writer were to follow the formula I laid out, they would end up writing more of a critical analysis than a review.


Having written quite a few blog reviews since publishing that article, I have come to understand there are a couple of things we must think about before we begin any review.


  • Unless we are a guru (writing/site building/seo) who has been asked to analyze the site for improvement, we should stay clear of these areas except for the most glaring issues that effect readability.
  • A blog is a collection of entries that together form the content. As a reviewer, we are there to review the blog, not the color pallet of the theme, the type face or the widgets.


Somewhere in our culture we have come to expect a review, be it product, performance or otherwise, to slice and dice the reviewed item. Peeling back all the layers to the absolute core, leaving nothing for the reader to discover for themselves. I fell into this trap with the original article and with some of the reviews I've written.


I guess the point I'm trying to make is; a blog review should review 70% Content, 20% Usability and 10% Everything Else.


Just remember, a blog review is an editorial article, it's all opinion. We should spend our time expressing that opinion about the parts that matter.



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Online Discount Coupon Finder


After the popularity of the Black Friday Bargains Search Tool I put together I decided to go ahead and build another custom search engine for you guys.


Three Ways to Search


This tool searches a huge database of online discount coupon codes and can be searched by product, merchant or type of discount.

  • Product Search - To search by product simply enter the name of the product and click "Search". If you want to find discount codes for domain names, just search "domain names".
  • Merchant Search - To find discount codes available for a particular merchant just do a search for the merchant name. To find all of the online coupons available from Old Navy, simply search for "Old Navy".
  • Discount Search - This option is great for finding certain types of discounts. To find merchants offering free shipping just search for (you guessed it) "Free Shipping".


Once again, be as specific as you can because the database is huge. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll do my best.


This tool can be used from the form below or you can use the link to go to the form on Google's site. Enjoy and Happy Savings!


Online Discount Coupon Finder


Custom Search



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I almost for got to congratulate Christine Senter for completing that NaNoWriMoHoJoThingaBo dooda dooda day thing where you write a 50,000 word novel in thirty days. Just the idea of writing that many words makes my head hurt. In fact, I don't think I've written that many words in this whole blog.


I know, some of you are wondering, "Christine who?" That would be because you know her as Sapheyerblu. She writes under that name here and here and under her real name (Is it really? hmm) here and here and here and several other place I can't remember but you get the picture.


Anyway, swing by one or two of her haunts and tell her congratulations!


Oh yeah, she's a pretty darn decent writer too :)



Here we are at the end of another week and what an interesting week it's been! Not only has there been all of the regular stress, drama, homicidal thoughts, fun and excitement that go along with getting close to Christmas, it's been kind of exciting around here as well.


We just got through with the highest traffic ten day period ever on this blog. We went ten straight days with over 100 unique visits each day. (We actually broke 200 once) Gotta love those trolls :)


Comment Links


By now I'm sure most of you are aware of the new comment system for Blogger blogs like this one. Google claims the change is a measure to stop comment spam but I don't believe it. I think it's just one more way to try to control outbound linking but that's a post for another day.


I think if someone takes the time to comment on this blog they deserve to have a link to their own blog. As you may have noticed I have implemented a response to this change. Until I can come up with a better plan and as long as I can keep up, I am manually linking to each commentator in my response. It isn't the best solution but it will do.


New Gig


So, I'm going to be writing a weekly article over at Blog About Your Blog, hopefully starting next week. It's going to be a blog review article and we're calling it, "In The Spotlight". I still have to coordinate with the other authors to determine the best day for my article but I'll be sure to let you guys know. I have the first few weeks scheduled but if you would like to recommend a site for a future review, let me know.


Sites Worth Seeing


I am the worlds worst at doing a speedlinking post. I'm trying to work on that. It's not that I don't find tons of stuff I feel is worthy, I'm just lazy. There, I said it. Acknowledging the problem is the hardest part of correcting it, right?


Steven from Vandelay Website Design consistently produces high quality content for bloggers. I have a separate bookmark folder just for his articles. If you don't already subscribe to his feed, you should. Steven is also one of the most generous bloggers I'm familiar with. Every Friday he posts a speedlinking article like this one that will usually include between 10 and 20 links. Thanks Steven, you make the blogosphere a better place.


Chanya from Blogstruk wrote a new song this week. I nominate it for the Blogger's Anthem!


Chris from Chris Bloczenski came back from the dead this week and produced some great content. I particularly liked this post about writing styles. Great to see you back among the living, Chris!


Pearl from Interesting Observations wrote another great article  this week in which she shared the rather nerve wracking experience of having a post hit the front page of Digg and all the community help that went into making it happen.


If you aren't a regular reader of these blogs I wholeheartedly recommend checking them out. If you don't, you have no one but yourself to blame.



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The John Cow Effect



That other J.C. is always crowing about the effect he has on web sites when he mentions them in a blog post or review. Since this blog has been the beneficiary of bovine largesse for the past month from a free banner ad, I felt it only fitting to show the effect it had on my traffic.


On November 4th I won a little impromptu contest on John Cow dot com for one month of free advertising on his site. I was totally unprepared and had to throw together a 300 x 250 banner in about 15 minutes including thinking of the copy. The banner at the right is what I came up with. I know, no sense of urgency, blah, blah, blah. I thought it looked kind of cool and hey, I'm not selling anything anyway, right?






Over the course of the month this blog received 123 hits from 90.24% were first time readers and it looks like a few stuck around. Welcome!


The banner ad I ran was in a rotation with several others (I'm thinking ten) and the traffic came in waves with never more than eight in a day but never less than one. The traffic may seem a little low for an ad that retails for $75 but the reality is, other than being unique, the ad doesn't beg to be clicked.


I'm sure if I were planning to spend $75 for a banner ad, I would put a lot more time into the design and sales copy. That said, I am tickled to death to have received over a hundred first time visitors in the last month and thank John Cow dot com, the Make Mooney Online place, for the exposure.



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Use StumbleTrolls to Boost Your Stats

This article will not show you how to get the magical thousands of hits from StumbleUpon. It will, however, show you an unusual way to improve your daily hits, pages per visit, time per visit and subscribers (in short; how to increase website traffic), while performing a public service.

Improving these statistics will increase the value of your ad space, raise your RealRank and increase the sale value of your blog.


Two weeks ago I posted this article in response to a personal attack I witnessed on StumbleUpon. The article received several "Thumb Downs" and negative reviews on StumbleUpon from friends of the original offender. While studying the analytics of that post's traffic, I noticed some interesting facts I had never heard anyone talk about before.

The Observation

The traffic stats revealed the post was receiving very few direct referrals from SU but was receiving quite a bit of indirect SU traffic. This indirect traffic was coming from Stumblers checking out the negative reviews by members they were fans of or from the negative reviewers using the "Send To" feature to spread the article.

Every negative review would send a wave of new traffic, some of which would leave negative reviews and/or send it to their friends who would come leave a negative review, etc., etc.

The viral nature of social media wasn't really surprising, even in a negative context. What was surprising was these were "quality" visitors. They were staying longer than normal, viewing more pages than normal and subscribing to my feed. They were boosting my stats!

The Experiment

I could not bring this to you without first discovering if it was just a one time thing or if it could be repeated. In order to try to duplicate the results I wrote a follow-up article and linked to it at the bottom of the original article. It worked better than I had expected it might.

The Result

Right off the bat, a troll helped me out by "Thumbing Up" the article and burying it in The "AIDS" category. This made my job considerably easier because I didn't have to filter out any regular StumbleUpon traffic.

Just as I had expected, the negative reviews started coming and with them, the steadily increasing traffic. The more vicious and personal the attack, the more traffic it sent.

The Numbers

For comparison purposes, I have included the numbers for a different post that was receiving traffic from StumbleUpon at the same time.

Article 1 - This is the article with no negative reviews on SU. It is included for comparison.

Article 2 - This is the original article which drew the negative attention to begin with.

Article 3 - This is the experiment article which was written to attempt to duplicate the results of article 2.

Thumbs Up + Rev - Rev Direct Hits Indirect Hits Pages Per Visit Time Per Visit
1 32 8 0 270 8 1.6 1:43
2 17 8 9 22 311* 2.1 2:01
3 5 1 16 0 221 2.3 2:41

* This post was linked to on two different forums.

As you see, Article 1 received the most direct referral traffic from SU while Articles 2 & 3 received almost none but still got some very respectable numbers.

The chart also shows the negative referral traffic to be "quality" as well with higher page views and time on site.

While it is not indicated on the chart, seven of the readers referred by the negative reviewers subscribed to my feed.

It should also be pointed out, at the time these numbers were put together, Article 1 was 8 days old, Article 2 was 15 days old and Article 3 was only 6 days old. While Article one is not getting much SU traffic anymore, Articles 2 & 3 are still getting steady traffic.


Writing a post to attract the attention of the trolls is really easy and covered extensively in this article. Basically, you simply take on an air of righteous indignation and condemn the trolls and their personal attacks. Declaring that they don't belong on StumbleUpon will push them over the edge and they will have to attack.

Once they attack, just sit back and watch your stats go up.


The experiment post concluded with the question "Why?" with no answer. This answer is simple; It's something that needs to be done and it has positive results for you.


Everyone's first inclination is to think being attacked online is a negative thing. This article is simply pointing out some positive things that can result from these attacks. Aside from the boost to your stats, here are a few positives of this tactic.

  1. You receive very few comments on your actual blog. It pretty much all takes place on SU.
  2. SU traffic is usually a few days late. If you post regularly, the drama, if any, takes place off the front page and away from your regular readers.
  3. You are pointing out a legitimate issue that has no place on SU. If you reap a benefit from it, good for you!


Long time readers know I don't care about traffic here, at least not traffic just for the sake of traffic. I don't have ads and I don't sell anything. I just bring things to your attention for you to use or not.

While I don't necessarily recommend the use of manipulative tactics like these, I feel this is legitimate information I have not heard anyone else point out.

Be forewarned, you are playing with fire and must have a thick skin before attempting this. Prepare yourself for the onslaught of verbal attacks. You will be maligned and your words will be twisted and taken out of context so the trolls can feign offence and play the victim. You should also be prepared to delete a few comments.

If, however, you want to use the StumbleTrolls to boost your stats, the process is easy, just walk up and thump one on the nose.

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Trackers Traveling Blog-Healing Show


In my post Sunday I declared 5  blogs dead, 3  blogs on life support and 4  in critical condition. The criteria for getting on the list was simple.


Dead - No posts for at least a month.

Life Support - No more than three posts in the past month.

Critical Condition - No post in the previous two weeks.


Now, since I don't believe in coincidences, I am left to conclude my post is directly responsible for four of those blogs becoming active within 24 hours.


Behold, the blog healing powers of AdSense Tracker



Chris Bloczynski


Pure Blogging


It would be unfair of me to keep this power to myself so, in the interest of all blogkind, I will direct these healing powers onto any blog you bring to me. Simply leave a comment with the name of the afflicted blog and I will mention them in a post.


Of course, as with any healing service, I can only direct the power toward the blog. It remains up to the blogger to use this boost of power for good. I cannot be held responsible if the blogger does not have enough faith in themselves to use the power to correct their infirmity.



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Watching A Death


It's a painful thing.



Waiting for the final breath.



Hoping with each gasp that it might not be the end.






waiting again.



Wondering with each growing silence if the end has finally come.



"Was that it?"

 "I don't know. Just wait, we'll know soon."


"Can't somebody do something?"

"No, it's all up to them now."



Comforting one another.



Wishing the departed "good luck" in their next life.



"I hope they're OK."




"I'm going to miss them."

 "We all will."



"I just wish they would make an announcement or delete the blog or something. This waiting is killing me."



"Yeah, I know."





Blue Jar

Sam Breadstone

Chris Bloczynski

Dana Wallert

Neon Scent


On Life Support


Pure Blogging




Critical Condition


Average Joe Blogger

Blog Grrl

Susan Suarez

Top Secret Blogger (Partially my fault)


We really hope you guys pull through.




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List Contest List of Lists


List articles seem to be all the rage these days. So much so, a whole list of analysis articles have been written describing how many points on a list have the best chance of success on social media sites.




Luciano from Litemind put together a group writing project/contest with a top prize of $100.


Well, you guys know I can't pass up a good contest and since I've had so much fun with writing projects and won money in the past, I entered with a list of my own.


That was the easy part.


Now I have to read all of the lists and vote for my favorites.


"Why is this so difficult", you ask?


I have a confession.


I don't like list posts.


When I say, "I don't like list posts", I mean I REALLY don't like them.


But, I made a commitment when I chose to participate in the contest, so, I waded through 67 entries and came up with my list of winners in no particular order.


  1. Best 101 Lists by Pearl - How could a list of lists not be a winner in a list writing contest? If you're a list freak, this list is a 'must read'. Is there any wonder Digg loved this one?
  2. 5 Ways to Crack or Reset a Forgotten Windows XP Administrator Password by Aseem Kishore - I love useful articles and this is definitely one. The only problem is I bookmarked it on my XP computer :P
  3. List of Why Blogs are A Female Gender by Domtan - This list was too funny not to be included, plus it's not a numbered list. I just don't see what the problem is.


This is the point in the post where I'm supposed to have something witty to say to wrap the article up and bring it to a close. I'm sorry, but I find lists to be draining so,


The End