Online Discounts and Deals


This is NOT a paid post. (But it should be)


This is an introduction to my newest online endeavor; DiscountDealFinder. Discount Deal Finder dot com is a site where you can find the best online discounts and deals available. I scour the internet trying to find really good deals to post in a wide variety of categories. So far I've been able to locate and post Computers Discounts, Electronics Discounts, Sporting Goods Discounts and Footwear Discounts.


Instead of posting everything at once, there will be a new post every hour or two just to drive the search spiders bonkers :) You don't have to check in constantly though, you can just check once a day to keep up and eventually I'll probably set up a RSS feed.


There is still a bit of tweeking left but I felt like it was ready to introduce to you. Check it out if you get a chance and let me know what you think.



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Anonymous said...

This looks like a good project. Nice work!

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Chris, time will tell :)