How To Attract StumbleTrolls


What is a StumbleTroll?


In the fairytale a troll was a disfigured monster with a bad attitude who lived under the bridge and waited to hear the sound of someone crossing. A StumbleTroll is a, presumed, human with a bad attitude who cruises StumbleUpon while hiding behind a nondescript avatar, searching for articles that express an opinion they disagree with.


What do they do?


The fairytale troll would jump out from his hiding place when he heard someone approaching and attempt to "Eat them up!" The StumbleTroll leaps from the shadows swinging a big red "Thumb Down" club and leaves juvenile playground taunts in the review section about wishing you would get boils on your eyes and your entire family die of AIDs.


They compare you to Hitler or some other oppressive figure and claim you are trying to suppress free speech if you express concern or, God forbid, condemnation of their use of foul language and threats.


Amazingly and almost without fail, they will end their sophomoric, foul mouthed attack with an admonition similar to,


"Diversity of opinion is what makes the world go around. If you can't handle people disagreeing with you, get the F___ out of StumbleUpon, you (insert generic put-down name here)!"


Who  are they?


That's one of the beauties of the whole thing. The vast majority of StumbleTrolls hide behind marginally original, mostly generic avatars, leave anonymous blog comments and have messaging blocked on SU.


They simply pull up, hang their flame thrower out the window, fire at will and cruise away, comfortable in the knowledge they can't be followed and have the same thing done to them.


Why do they do it?


That one is hard to answer but I think it has to do with showing off in front of and being accepted by their friends. One habit I noticed while studying the analytics of the StumbleTrolls was they almost all click over to check the SU reviews before they thumb it down and give a bad review.


This tells me they are desperately seeking social acceptance from that peer group. I would imagine they meet periodically on a forum somewhere, compare hate-filled responses and give virtual high-fives for the most vulgar.


How do you draw them out?


This is easy. just do what I did and shine a light into the cave where they hide. Write a post on your blog about them and why you think they have no place on StumbleUpon.


Once the post is written, it needs to be submitted to SU, or Stumbled, preferably in the "StumbleUpon" category.


These steps if followed correctly, are guaranteed to bring the StumbleTrolls running.


But, why would you want to?


Ooops! Sorry, I just realized I'm out of time today. I'm truly sorry but I'm running really late. I'll have to finish this post up later.


'Till then, Happy Stumbling ;)


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Anonymous said...

You are right . StumbleUpon is no place for such things. Maybe i will write an article on it too in a short time

Ad Tracker said...

Madhur - I think if we all stand up to them they will eventually go away.

Pearl said...

OMG.. I can't believe so many people do not find it offensive to tell someone to 'go die' without any rhyme or reason! shocking really! I wonder what they find offensive though!

Ad Tracker said...

Pearl - HaHaHa!! That one's easy Pearl.

The only thing they find offensive is someone who has a problem with personal attacks!

LOL! It's ironic on so many levels you just have to laugh :)

Anonymous said...

So if you just ignored it they`d not do it.

Now why don`t you just bugger off!?

Ad Tracker said...

Wayne Kerr - Me bugger off?

I'm just sitting here. You came to me.

Oh, I see. I should just ignore them because they get mean if you talk about them?

Where's the fun in that?

Anonymous said...

You've certainly become very popular on StumbleUpon:

Obviously you're ace at this whole "marketing" thing. More please!

Ad Tracker said...

Anon - Hmmm...whatever could you mean?

Anonymous said...

Your page is broken in firefox and looks like a big pink pile of crap.

Ad Tracker said...

Hi GoatBoy - Haven't seen you around in a while. It looks like your computer must be screwed up because I'm looking at it in Firefox and it's fine.

Maybe the swamp humidity has coroded your circuits ;)