Black Friday Bargains Search Tool


If you're like me you're getting a little bit overwhelmed by all of the ads for special bargains this Friday morning. After a while the flyers start piling up and I can't remember what was on sale where and for how much. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a search engine just for Black Friday Bargains?


Have no fear, Ol' Ad Tracker has got you covered. That's right, dear readers, I have built a custom search engine that only searches for Black Friday Bargains.


I have combined the largest Black Friday Bargain sites I could find into one database for you to search.


Do you want to find out if that camera you were going to buy is on sale cheaper somewhere else? Just search for that specific camera and it will show up everywhere it's on sale. Cool huh?


Since you will be searching through literally thousands of ads, I recommend trying to be as precise as possible. In other words, search for "DVD Player", "Digital Camera", "GPS" or "HDTV" not "electronics".


Do you want to know what a particular store has on sale for Black Friday? Just run your search by store, such as "Old Navy", "JC Penney" or "Wal-Mart" and see the ad flyers or specials from each store.


This search will return online bargains as well as in store bargains so you can find things that aren't listed in the ad flyers.


Go ahead, give it a try. It's totally free to use. My Christmas shopping gift to you.




Tracker's Black Friday Bargains Search Tool

Google Custom Search





If you notice any sources you feel should be included in the search database, let me know and I'll get them added.



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Anonymous said...

that sounds like a cool tool....Last few years I did go early in the morning to some stores, but I can never find the flyers either and usually end up forgetting what was where! so this should be great! thanks much...

Ad Tracker said...

Pearl - You're welcome and thank you for the stumble :)

Anonymous said...

Cool idea! Hot coupon world also has a great Black Friday forum with ad scans and information on all the sales.

Ad Tracker said...

Momof3 - Thanks for the tip!