Trackers Traveling Blog-Healing Show


In my post Sunday I declared 5  blogs dead, 3  blogs on life support and 4  in critical condition. The criteria for getting on the list was simple.


Dead - No posts for at least a month.

Life Support - No more than three posts in the past month.

Critical Condition - No post in the previous two weeks.


Now, since I don't believe in coincidences, I am left to conclude my post is directly responsible for four of those blogs becoming active within 24 hours.


Behold, the blog healing powers of AdSense Tracker



Chris Bloczynski


Pure Blogging


It would be unfair of me to keep this power to myself so, in the interest of all blogkind, I will direct these healing powers onto any blog you bring to me. Simply leave a comment with the name of the afflicted blog and I will mention them in a post.


Of course, as with any healing service, I can only direct the power toward the blog. It remains up to the blogger to use this boost of power for good. I cannot be held responsible if the blogger does not have enough faith in themselves to use the power to correct their infirmity.



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David Culpepper said...

Your healing powers are truly amazing! ;)

BlogStruk said...

Don't you just feel all warm inside? Kumbayah, my friend, kumbayah!

Ad Tracker said...

David - Sometimes I amaze myself and your welcome ;)

BlogStruk - As a matter of fact, yes, yes I do :)


You know, it's not everyone who knows how to spell kumbayah ;)

Mako said...

I salute your powers. If you ever see my blog in critical condition , then do heal it too.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you use your powers for good. Thanks for helping to revive PureBlogging.

Anonymous said...

This is just hilarious. :-D

Ad Tracker said...

@ Mako - I'll do my best :)

@ Steven - I could never use it for anything but good. I'm glad to see signs of life from PureBlogging as well :)

@ BlogGrrl - Don't doubt the power ;)

I hate the new commenting too, sorry :(

Anonymous said...

I'm healed! Thanks, Tracker.

Ad Tracker said...

Chris - I've done all I can do. It's up to you now ;)

I was wondering if you were evr going to leave a comment ;)