Another Round of Contests


Let's enter some contests!


$250 Amazon Gift Voucher


Well, the benevolent bovine, John Cow, has conned another sucker convinced another sponsor to provide a cool contest prize. This time around the generous sponsor,, is kicking in a $250 gift voucher from That's enough moolah to make almost anyone's Christmas a little bit more merry. is an advertising outfit where you can buy a PPC campaign for yourself or sign up as a publisher and make some money. They even have a decent affiliate program if you're interested in that end of it. It pays 20% commission on profits from advertisers for 90 days and 10% on profits from publishers for a whole year.


This contest is a little bit more difficult to enter than some of the others they have run in the past. The good thing is, that often means fewer people are entering because most of them won't take the time to follow all of the directions like writing a 200 word blog post and all of the other requirements.


So, once again, all you have to do is follow the tips I gave you to win a contest. If you will take the time to read all of the directions and follow them to the letter you will find yourself in rather limited company among the people who have actually qualified to be potential contest winners.


Don't take too long deciding to get involved with this one though, it ends December the 20th. If I were you I wouldn't wait until the last minute because I don't know how well cows can read clocks or calendars.


Blog About Your Blog


Matt, from BlogAboutYourBlog, is running a very cool contest with several sponsors including yours truly. The primary sponsor this time around, NeverBlueAds, is kicking in three $100 cash prizes for the top three winners with several other sponsors providing prizes that pay all the way to 8th place. Here are the sponsors:


First-Third Place 100$ Winners from NeverBlueAds
Fourth Place Website Review on BAYB by Adsense Tracker
Fifth Place 25$ from Blogging4Everyone
Sixth Place Website Review from Nspeaks
Seventh Place Website Review from SelectIndex
Eighth Place Featured Blog Spot on A Links Blog


Don't tell anybody but the word is there aren't very many entries in this contest so your odds of winning are pretty good ;)


Win A Wii


Contest Beat is giving away a Nintendo Wii just like the one I won from John Cow earlier this year. is the sponsor for this one also so I'm not going to enter but I did want to tell you about it. This one is pretty easy to enter so check it out.


$5000 Dell Laptop


I saved the big boy for last. I like to reward you guys that hang around to the end :) is giving away a super tricked out Dell laptop dressed out in the World of Warcraft theme. Now, I'm not a WoW participant but, hey, this is one cool computer. Entering is super easy, just make a comment on this post. The odds are a little long on this one. I'm betting they end up with about 40-50 thousand entries or more but you can enter every day from now until December 21st to improve your chances.


It's a $5K computer package, it's worth a shot.



That's it for now, good luck!



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