Sivatar Yourself


I've been meaning to write about this for a while now, so here you go.


Sivatar is the latest incarnation of the avatar wall. Basically it consists of a front page display of 40 random avatars out of almost 400 that have been registered. When you click on one that looks interesting you are taken to that blogger's site.


The system is pretty straight forward and seems fairly simple. I'll tell you, I only put an avatar up on a whim. I really thought it would be a waste of time. It turns out I was wrong. I have actually been getting a few hits almost every day from Sivatar and have even picked up a few new subscribers from that little icon.


I know you're just dying to see my Sivatar. It can be found here. I know, it's lame but I was in a hurry and I really didn't think it would ever be seen. Sue me ;)


Anyway, do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes to set yourself up with your very own Sivatar and see what happens.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice review! We've also added a chat area recently which allows Sivatar members to promote themselves. And the more your participate the greater your "star power" becomes. The more stars you earn, the bigger your text becomes in the chat area. It's a great way to promote yourself and others. Thanks again.

Ad Tracker said...

Mike - Hey, you're welcome. Sorry it took so long. I saw the "star power" thing, I just didn't really understand it. Thans for explaining it.

Thanks for the traffic and good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure if I should bother with this, but I guess it is worthwhile. (Hopefully it stays that way.)

Ad Tracker said...

Sucker - In my experience it was deffinately worth the effort.

Sorry I didn't link to you in tis comment. There are a couple of people who use that name here and I wasn't sure which one you were.

Mako said...

Nice review buddy. I will be sure to create mine soon.

Ad Tracker said...

Mako - I don't think you'll be disapointed :)