To Post or Not To Post?


That is only one of the questions.


As I check my feed reader I see most bloggers not posting very much real content. Just some light content posts and such.


I've got a few good ideas for posts but I honestly don't want to use them when nobody is online. I mean, I know how I am when I check my feed reader after a few days and it's got tons of posts in it. I scream through them and barely read anything.


I think I'm going to just hold off on the real content for a little while. Besides, I'm pretty busy with a couple of other projects I'm working on ;)


I hope everyone is enjoying this slow time and getting some quality family time in.



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Telling It Like It Is said...

It think it's likely that people have family in town, or they are still out of town for the holidays, and are busy entertaining their guests.

I wouldn't be surprised if after the first of the new year, things start picking up again.

Happy New Year!

Ad Tracker said...

I agree. I'm not concerned in the least. I'm just enjoying the time off :)

Happy New Year to you, as well!

Anonymous said...

Uh, I have 13 blogs, and all real content.

You must not have many rss feeds or something.

Ad Tracker said...

Sir - Actually, I read 72 blog feeds including some big names. Most of them seem to be treating this time like a weekend and holding back their heavy content.

I'm glad to hear you are so productive, congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! Hope you have a great time.

BlogStruk said...

Also, I think people are probably worn out from the holidays (shopping, travel, etc.) and need time to decompress.

Since several blog contests end on December 31st I myself will be checking your site daily to see how many of them you win!

Anonymous said...

LOL I have a hard time keeping up with just one blog, have no idea how sir jorge does it with 13, that too with REAL content ;P

hey ad tracker, I wanted to say that I have really enjoyed getting to know you and reading your wonderful articles this year... and thank you for all the support you have provided me, (including handling the trolls);

Wishing you a very wonderful New Year filled with lots of joy, good health and of course lots of success with your blog and lots of wealth as well :)

take care and stay in touch

Anonymous said...

I am holding off until people get back to work. We all know that's where most do their best surfing ;)

Ad Tracker said...

@ Brown Baron - Thanks! Back at you :)

@ Chanya - I know I'm tired ;)

I don't think I won anything this time ;)

@ Pearl - Don't mention it. I look forward to reading more of your stuff this year :)

@ Jem - Me 2 ;)

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