Amazon Affiliates in California – Write To Your Legislator

Well, good people out there in the interweb world, just minding your own business, I've got some breaking news for you. It seems that the California legislature, in all its infinite wisdom and financial acumen has decided to put all of the Amazon associates in the state, out of business. They are wanting to do this by enacting the Nexus bill to force online retailers to collect sales tax for their state because they have affiliates there.

This has already happened in a few other states and the effect was that Amazon and other affiliate networks simply dropped all of the affiliates in that state. So basically, if they pass this law, they will not only NOT get the sales tax they claim to be losing, they will also get less income tax from the former affiliates that no longer are able to sell those products online.

This is a nice, concise article I found on the topic that also has some info for you poor Cali locals. Do your part to stop this lunacy!

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After failing to pass similar bills over the past few years, the California legislators are once again trying to pass a bill to require Amazon to collect sales tax from California shoppers because they have affiliates (like me) in the state, and they consider that a physical presence.

In other states that have passed this bill, Amazon has ended their affiliate relationships in that state, so not only did the states who passed a similar bill NOT get Amazon to collect sales tax, they also lost out on the income tax that the affiliates in that state were paying. These states lost money!

Go here to sign the petition which goes straight to your legislators and let them know that such a bill will cause California to lose even more money:

Don’t let this happen to California! I love California! But I will move if such a law passes because I love my Amazon income more.

EDIT: Here is the full bill:

EDIT: Go here to find your legislator, and write to them personally.


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