The John Cow Effect



That other J.C. is always crowing about the effect he has on web sites when he mentions them in a blog post or review. Since this blog has been the beneficiary of bovine largesse for the past month from a free banner ad, I felt it only fitting to show the effect it had on my traffic.


On November 4th I won a little impromptu contest on John Cow dot com for one month of free advertising on his site. I was totally unprepared and had to throw together a 300 x 250 banner in about 15 minutes including thinking of the copy. The banner at the right is what I came up with. I know, no sense of urgency, blah, blah, blah. I thought it looked kind of cool and hey, I'm not selling anything anyway, right?






Over the course of the month this blog received 123 hits from 90.24% were first time readers and it looks like a few stuck around. Welcome!


The banner ad I ran was in a rotation with several others (I'm thinking ten) and the traffic came in waves with never more than eight in a day but never less than one. The traffic may seem a little low for an ad that retails for $75 but the reality is, other than being unique, the ad doesn't beg to be clicked.


I'm sure if I were planning to spend $75 for a banner ad, I would put a lot more time into the design and sales copy. That said, I am tickled to death to have received over a hundred first time visitors in the last month and thank John Cow dot com, the Make Mooney Online place, for the exposure.



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Michael said...

That's awesome! Congrats!

I've actually been contemplating a review for (December price) of $100 on

Seems like it might be a good investment. I wonder how the results would compare against an actual review.

BlogStruk said...

Good for you! I think you did a great job with your ad. And I'm not surprised that many of the "1st timers" keep coming back.

Ad Tracker said...

@ Michael - Thanks! I don't know how a review would do. There's a lot of traffic over there, it might be worth it :)

@ BlogStruck - Thanks, that's very nice of you :)

Anonymous said...

I think your banner looks great. I know I'm certainly unprepared to provide a banner of any kind. What a good thing to think of to be prepared, just in case, huh?

Ad Tracker said...

Chris Bloczynski - Thanks Chris.

I have actually had to turn down advertising in the past because I didn't have any creative work available.

You can bet this one will be going back in the vault :)

Anonymous said...

that sure is a great banner! Straight to the point :) what did you use to create this one?

PS: you are the only Blogspot blogger I know who is providing links to your commenters like this :) thats really very nice of you!!

Ad Tracker said...

Pearl - Thanks. I created it with This was actually the first time I ever used it. Just got lucky I guess.

Manually linking is the only thing I could come up with to counter the stupid comment change.

Apurve Mehra said...

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