Where It Came From


So, do you guys remember the post I made a couple of weeks ago about Google ending PageRank? Well, we have been seeing a lot of traffic coming to that one post.


It's been linked to and discussed by several bloggers, some with large audiences. It's been scraped by at least one blog and partially reprinted by at least one other. Now it has been linked to and discussed on a few forums such as SEO Chat, Blogger Love, High Rankings, Digital Point and even a foreign language forum. It also seems to be making the rounds at Google.


What has been the funniest part by far is the people who only skim through and jump to the conclusion it's real. You really should take the time to read through the forum reactions and even the comments on the post itself. People are so silly.


But Where Did It Come From?


One of the most flattering questions I received was, "Did you get this from somewhere?"


God's honest truth. I spent less than 30 minutes on the entire post. The idea came to me while I was drying off from the shower. I developed the concept for the post while brushing my teeth, sat on the edge of the bed with my spiral notebook and wrote out the entire post except for the last paragraph. I had to do a search for the names of the Google founders for what I thought would be the killer punch line of the article.


In an interview posted on the Google blog, the founders of Google were asked if they were trying to take over the entire internet. Sergey Brin adamantly stated, "We absolutely are not trying to take over the internet!" Co-founder Larry Page interjected, "We don't like to use the word 'trying'."


I guess the jokes on me because I don't think 10% of the people read that far.


So There You Have It


The entire article is almost certainly a complete fabrication from the imagination of one blogger who, in all probability, doesn't have any inside information. I simply took a topic everyone was already in a near panic over and confirmed their worst fears.


And just for the record, I am not, nor have I ever been associated with Google in any way other than having an AdSense account. Yes, that rumor is out there too.



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sapheyerblu said...

That is too funny. How does it feel to be so famous? I feel so privledged to know someone of your calliber.

A.T., can I have your autograph?????

Way to go, girl. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! You're famous now :D

Now if I could just come up with something like that :P

Anonymous said...

Well those who did not notice it was a fun post are just too serious.

But those who slammed you for writing it, I really wonder why have such attitudes.

I still laugh to myself when I remember my reaction reading the article and then reaching the end. :)

Ad Tracker said...

@ Sapheyerblu - Oh, give me a break. Thanks ;)

@ Nick - Thanks Nick. I had so much fun with that one I'm thinking of starting a satire blog. That's what I need right, another project :)

@ YC - I agree completely. I really tried to make it beyond belief so even the one who wanted to believe it would know it was satire.

It was funny to read the reactions of people who were upset about me wasting their time on such a serious topic.

I remember one saying something like, "It's just linkbait and poorly written linkbait at that!"

I don't know, seemed to work pretty well!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ad Tracker, you should check out my latest post where I feature you front and center in addition to some comments you made a little while ago regarding your "current situation".

I think you'll find it pretty interesting but maybe you should wait until ppl comment on it. (I hope they will).

BTW, are you going to post the kind of traffic that post received? I'm VERY interested!

Anonymous said...

You really got me this time . Great imagination

Anonymous said...

That's funny! Sometimes the best ideas just hit you all of a sudden.

Anonymous said...

I ran into the same article on another blog too, the guy went on to tell his "readership" that this was a grave issue that you had "reported" - I wish he'd declared mourning for a few minutes to regard the demise of PageRank!

Some people just don't get it - I'd mentioned it on the post, but I'll do it again - great post!

Ad Tracker said...

@ Bush - That was a good post and seemed to draw a lot of comments and yes, I'm working on a case study about that post right now.

@ Madhur - Glad you liked it :)

@ Steven - Yeah, out of the blue. Crazy :)

@ Karthic - Thanks. Yeah, I've run into reprints and repeats all over the place. It's hillarious! People are so funny ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL... everyone in the forums was frenzied. Great post! :)

Ad Tracker said...

Jug - Thanks, it was kind of funny watching the histeria for a few days ;)

Thanks for stopping in, come by any time :)

Anonymous said...

you should release this `joke` with april mob, will be more `joke of the year` :-)

Ad Tracker said...

12345bos - LOL! I don't know if that poor little post could stand any more exposure ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the joke hehehe

i guess lot of seo pros were harmed in the making of the article :P

Ad Tracker said...

Jaganath - You're welcome!

From all of the crying I've heard you would think I had taken their livelyhood away ;)

Sudu and Garpu said...

This is awesome !!! Keep it up !!

Ad Tracker said...

@ Sudu and Garpa - Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Anonymous said...

Actually you may have been way ahead of your time there. Read my latest post, I had the same idea a few nights ago and woke up unable to forget it and have been thinking this non stop for days. Read my latest post about Google buying Digg.

I would love your comments there.

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