NIche Marketing Tools

Hey guys! I'm not through with my sabbatical yet but something came up and I wanted to share it with you before it was too late. (Don't you love how life has no respect for your plans?) I'm learning so much it's hard to describe but I'm taking tons of notes for future blog articles.


Niche Blogging

I know most of you guys have probably figured out I have been working really hard for the last couple of months exploring how to make money on the internet. The fact is, I am making money online. Granted, it's not yet enough to live on but I'm making considerably more than I'm spending.


One of the ways I've been making money is through creating targeted Niche Sites with click ads and affiliate links or ads. This sounds simple enough but there is one pretty huge hurdle to making it work and that's finding niches that aren't already saturated.




When I started setting up these sites I would pick what I thought would be a nice profitable niche and build a site and go nowhere. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I did all my research; finding keywords and keyword phrases (The long tail) with a decent amount of searches. All the things you're supposed to do.


I finally broke down and spent a little money and things started changing. I learned that the information I was getting from the free online tools like Free Word Tracker and the Digital Point Keyword Tool was OK at best but often completely wrong. I also realized they left out some vital information. They didn't tell me how competitive the niche was.


Don't get me wrong, these tools are perfectly fine for some simple research but if you are considering spending money to try to make money, you need to use a professional tool.


Micro Niche Finder


I had seen a software tool called Micro Niche Finder being recommended by several people who I knew were making a living online but I didn't want to spend the money. Well, I spent the money. Oh, what a difference it makes to act like a pro!


By using the information from this tool I was able tool build sites that started making money almost immediately and I have long since made more money from using the tool than it cost.


Why Now?


The whole point of my rushing to get this article posted is because things are about to change and soon. Through a twist of fate, I have been beta testing the next release of Micro Niche Finder (pictured below) and there are some excellent updates with this release.




One of the new tools is called "Brainstorm", it brings up a list of random keywords. I used this tool to find the niche in the image above. As you can see this niche is just waiting to be exploited. Another cool addition to this new version is the "Ad Cost" column. This tells you if it's worth trying to rank for the keywords. (Imagine how much traffic you need to make money if the ads only pay 4 cents a click.)


A big money and time saver is the "SOC" column tells you the Strength of Competition for the keyword or phrase. This keeps you from wasting time and money trying to rank for keywords that you have no realistic chance in. In other words, this tool points out the low-hanging fruit.


Who would have thought you could get $.75 - $2.00 a click on a site about Storage Boxes?


Enough Already, What's The Deal?


I just got word yesterday that the new version of Micro Niche Finder is going to be released very soon (probably THIS week). The reason for the rush is: when the new version comes out, the price is going up to $97 but anyone who owns the present version will get the upgrade for FREE.


That means, if you purchase this awesome software today for $67 you will get the upgrade for free when it comes out in a few days.


I know some of you guys have already heard about this software and have been considering buying it. This is the time to get off the fence and save yourself $30.


So that's the deal. I wanted to bring this to you guys early before the price went up.




I just want to remind you guys that I use this tool and can promise you, it has not only helped me find profitable niches that have made me money, it has saved me a ton of money on domains and sites that I had no chance of being competitive in.