Week 4 Stats

Has it been another week already? Time just screams by when you're having fun.

The statistics for this week only revealed one true surprise. As expected visitor traffic continues to increase as well as revenue but what caught me off guard was my Technorati rankings. Over the course of this week this blog went from an authority of 20 and rank of 318,000 to an authority of 81 and rank of 67,844!

What happened this week?

Over the past week I have continued my networking effort on My Blog Log and on Blog Catalog. This week I joined the "Say No To Page Rank" meme started by Dean Hunt over at Buzz Marketing, implemented a PPC campaign and held my first contest.

The networking is continuing to build traffic, the meme has had an astonishing effect on my Technorati rankings, the advertising campaign through Microsoft adCenter, Yahoo search advertising and Bidvertise have proven to be reasonably successful. The contest, however, experienced limited success.

Trying to hold a comment contest on the weekend of both BlogHer and Blogathon was not a very good idea but it was not a failure. If nothing else, I've been able to make a new blogger friend or two through the contest and Blogathon this past weekend and that's worth a lot. :-)

I also made a minor adjustment to the AdSense unit. I got rid of the link strip across the top and changed the ad link color to match the page. I don't know if those changes could explain the revenue increase but it is interesting.

The Stats

I know, I know, show the numbers! Here you go.

Hits / Subscribers / Revenue

This Week - 375 / 22 / $ 3.24
Last Week - 276 / 22 / $ 1.80

So Far - 823 / 22 / $ 6.29


While I feel like memes are abusive to you guys, a good one can have amazing results as shown by the numbers this week. Thank you for being tolerant of these. Although the AdSense revenue is coming up some I feel like it's time to explore other monetization strategies. Look for minor changes in the near future. I will probably begin to explore affiliate and referral programs this week. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd recommend Text Link Ads. It makes me over $100 a month just by putting the odd link here and there.

Of course, to begin with, it may not accept you (think you need at least a PR3), but it's always nice getting the "You Have Sold Ads!" email :)

Ad Tracker said...

Rhys - Thanks for taking the time to offer a tip. I already went to your site and signed up through your affiliate button.

Even if they don't take me yet, I can still be an affiliate ;-)

Best of luck with your new project!

I'll deffinately be participating.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to stop by and say, Congratulations!

Ad Tracker said...

Susan - Than you very much!

Your site has been a great source of helpful information.

Unknown said...

Hey! Thats pretty good! One of the MeMe's you picked up on ThePrizeBlog was actually my innovation :) I am glad that it is helping you. I have you added on my blog too! Glad to see you are having great results. Good luck and keep it up! :)

P/s - You seemed kind of young, and I read your page and it said you were a college student. Just curious, whats your major? I am actually 19 myself and am a business major :)

Ad Tracker said...

Nabil - Thank you! I'm not surprised that you invinted one of the link trains.

This is a little embarassing. I'm kind of wishy-washy on that. I'm headed toward business but thinking about advertising/marketing. Yeah, I know, my parents are really thrilled with me right now.:S