Nothing Lasts Forever

I was rushing this afternoon trying to get today’s post finished before I had to leave. I didn’t make it.

You see, one of the ladies from church called this morning to ask me if I could help out. There was a funeral this afternoon and people were needed for the choir. How could I refuse to help?

I didn’t know the lady whose funeral it was, but it was a sad story. She died after a short fight with cancer at 48 leaving a 25 year old daughter.

It was a beautiful service. My eyes are tearing up just thinking about the pain on the daughter’s face .It seems that she and her mom had only recently reconciled some issues that had kept them apart for a few years. It can all be over so fast.

After the service my mom and I sat down for a few minutes and drank a cup of coffee and talked. I’m very blessed.

I’m not trying to bring everybody down. Sorry if I have. I just can’t make a lighthearted post today.

If you love someone let them know.

-- Tracker


Becky C. said...

You are a nice person. Even though I may come across as a brat--I do the same kind of thing and it is what makes my life really important.



Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Becky. I never believed you were as hard as you act even if you are an Objectified Babe ;-)

Becky C. said...

But I am seriously getting into this Babe objectification:)

Ad Tracker said...

I would say that's fairly obvious.;P

sapheyerblu said...


I'm proud of you for putting a stranger ahead of your own things. This is an ironic post as one of my Dad's best friends past away this afternoon.

I lost my dad a little over 2 years ago, and this man made it a point to be at the funeral, even though he had just lost an arm to diabetes, and was suffering from the first stages of cancer.

Your kindness in dropping everything to sing in the choir speaks volumes as to what kind of person you are. I think somewhere in the Heavens is a star with your name on it.

Even in the darkest hours, a beam of kindness shines on.

Ad Tracker said...

Sapheyerblu - You are so very kind. I find myself at a loss for words because this post was never really meant to be about me.

It was just weighing on me to remind everyone how precious love is and to never take it for granted.

I didn't want the post to seem overly melodramatic so I left out the part about the daughter reading a poem she had written.

It was titled "Still She Loved Me" and in it she listed off all of the conflicts that mothers and daughters have with each one followed by the phrase, "Still She Loved Me". It was extremely moving.

It still makes me cry.

Anonymous said...

You did the right thing. I don't know you very well, but I appreciate when people around me have big hearts.... I liked your post because I can tell that it made a difference in your day. It was an experience, and whether you enjoyed it or not, you learned something. I respect your courage and I admire your character for being who you are.

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Chris, it was a tough day.

Anonymous said...

I didn't take your post as bringing anyone down. It shows the world that you are someone of character! At the same time you were able to realize how blessed you are!

Keep up the good work! I hope that God continues to bless you and your family!

Joe Justin

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Joe. I felt like a bit of a sap when I posted it. I just felt like I had to explain why I didn't feel like putting up a regular post.