Straight From The Heart


Once in a while, as you troll the blogosphere, you come across a blog written straight from the heart. As you read the posts you realize the author believes what they say and is speaking from real experience. Telling It Like It Is is one of those rare gems.


Lin, the author, participated in a contest here a while back and won a review of her blog, Telling It Like It Is. To enter the contest she had to answer the question, "Why blog?", her answer is below.


I've been "writing" for many years, although kept hidden away in handwritten journals, boxed up in the garage. Deciding to go online with my writings, for all the world to see, is a decision I've pondered for quite some time before taking the blogging plunge.

For me, blogging is an outlet like no other, where I can express indignation about many important issues facing society today.

Whether it be by my writing about personal experiences of abuse as a child, spousal abuse, or other aspects of relationships, blogging allows me to help others know they "are not alone".

I spent a great deal of time searching the internet for others who had experienced similar things as I had, but found near to nothing.

I knew I could make a difference, for others who can relate to what I experienced, as some abuses are extremely difficult to talk about, let alone plaster it across the internet.

The primary reason I began blogging online is to help others find their voice.


I know the normal site review follows the standard, "this is what it looks like, this is what it's about, I liked this, I didn't like that", format. Not this time.


Lin is one of those truly rare writers who can open her heart and let the words flow. When she gets on a roll and pours herself into her writing, the discussion of font size and widget placement is thin and almost silly. The heartfelt prose that flows during these times could be scribbled in charcoal on old cardboard and be just as moving.


You don't believe me? You think I'm exaggerating?


Go read this article, then this one, this one next and finally this one.


Go ahead, it will take 10 minutes and when you come back you'll be as much of a fan as I am.


In my opinion, if she never writes another word, she has locked my support down. Fortunately for all of us, she does continue to stand up and she does continue to write.


Also, fortunately for us, she doesn't have to scribble away on old cardboard. She has a very clean and easy to read blog. Lin, I like the look of your blog and, if you are happy with blogger, I think you should stay put. It looks very nice.


For me to continue blathering on would just be a waste of time you could better spend reading Telling It Like It Is. If you don't have time to spend over there right now, just grab her feed and read at your convenience.


As for the other winner; be patient, your time is coming ;)


Telling It Like It Is said...

I have been moved to tears. Over the years I've developed a pretty thick skin, and as my kids sometimes say "Mom, you'll one day be 82 and still kickin' butt!" It takes a lot to make me tear up, and you've done it with this incredibly nice review.

It's such a shame that too often people are turned away, or perhaps they actually RUN away, after reading topics of abuse.

Fortunately I write about happy things too. But, it's important for me to use my "voice" in this way, because far too many people are silent. If I were an animal, I'd be a LION. ROAR! :)

Thank you sweetie, that was incredible.

Rhys said...

Brilliant. Just, Brilliant.

This is what's blogging is about. This is why I got into it. Long may it continue :)

BlogStruk said...

I just read the entire thread at Lin's site. What a heartbreaking story. It's one that needed to be told though.

Thanks for highlighting such a wonderful and courageous writer.

Ad Tracker said...

@ Telling - Your writing moved me to tears. I guess I should have mentioned that you write happy stuff too.

Thank you for making the contribution to the internet that you do :)

@ Rhys - I couldn't agree more. I wish I could write half as well as she does.

@ BlogStruck - I'm just proud someone who can produce something like that is a regular reader :)

Telling It Like It Is said...

I wanted to thank you again for shining the light on my personal story of abuse as a child. I've had several people leave comments about it, as well as email me privately. It has touched the hearts of many, some of whom had experienced similar things in their childhood.

Now I must try to find the deeper courage, which I don't know if I possess, to write about how history oftentimes repeats itself. My son was raped multiple times by a minister in our church, when he was only seven and eight years old. The diabolical domino effects this brought onto our family helps me better understand how some victims later become perpetrators themselves. While I personally only became somewhat promiscuous and ultimately married very young to an abusive man, my son grew up to become a perpetrator. His victims? My two daughters. I don't know that I have the strength or courage to write that story. To write that story, including what lead to my disowning my son, might be one people need to read, but I believe most would run like hell away from it. I wish I could.

Ad Tracker said...

Telling - You're welcome :) I'm glad it has worked out well for you.

That is a terribly difficult story. It sounds like you just took the 1st step. I feel for your family.