Why Blog?

No really, why?

Millions of people seem to want to blog, literally, millions. An entire cottage industry has blossomed from this widespread desire. Yet, think of how many blogs you’ve surfed through that had only five or six posts, or even fewer, with nothing added in the last week or month. When I come across those blogs I instantly look for a link or hit the “back” button. I almost never stop to read the post. I think it makes me feel sad. I look at it kind of like an abandoned pet. I know if I stay I’ll just want to help it. (I know, I know.)

Some people, I believe, start a blog because someone told them it was a cutting edge cool thing to do. (Think celebrities and politicians.) Almost all of those fade away into a slow quiet death. I can see some underling being tasked with clicking the delete button. (There’s that abandoned pet image again with the boss making his assistant take the dog to the Humane Society.)

I wonder though if the blogosphere might be like Hollywood, where wannabes flock by the bus load to put it out there and hope to be discovered. I guess if every waiter in L.A. can call themselves an actor, everyone with a username and password, can call themselves a blogger. Your chances of making it are about the same.

The real question I’m pondering is what is it inside some of us that makes us sit around on a Saturday afternoon stressing about getting our post uploaded before all of the evening traffic starts?

If you started reading this hoping to find a clever conclusion with a tidy answer, I don’t have one. Do you?


LegglessBird said...

It's like the in-thing to do. Before you know it, you'd lost it. It's like those throngs of people joining the gym. In the beginning, they're hot at it. Gradually, they drop out cos there's no focus and consistency.

Well, I must say it's not easy being focused and consistent. But if you managed to build up a readership, I say that will reinforce the commitment part, don't you think??

Ad Tracker said...

Legglessbird - You make a valid point. I know I feel a responsibility to my readers that helps to keep me motivated. Blogging has still become a labor of love to me but I doubt I could stay focused for long if I only had a couple of pass-through readers and no subscibers. - Tracker

Anonymous said...

I think blogging is a great equalizer. It's not a tidy answer, but I'm a quiet person that usually doesn't say much. In the real world this interprets two ways 1)I have nothing to say and 2)I'm antisocial

Neither is true. I have opinions of my own, and I like people. To me, blogging was a way to meet people and communicate my ideas, it's opened up my world in ways I've never imagined. Each person that starts a blog has a different motivation as individual as the blog itself.

Ad Tracker said...

Hi Wendy - Equalizer indeed! As bloggers we are judged solely on the quality and originality of our blogs and nothing else. Blogging has deffinately opened things up in me I didn't know existed.:-)

Anonymous said...

Why not?

I've been blogging for 5 years now and have found a nack for spotting fly by bloggers. Most bloggers blogging now won't be blogging by christmas. My blog started out purely for family and friends, it's not my fault more and more people grew to love it :)

I've found it easier going along, I don't know whether I no longer HAVE to promote my blog, I'm more in it for the writing (I still do though, to give me a break).

Ad Tracker said...

Rhys - First, thanks for taking the time to comment.

You make part of my point; "Most bloggers blogging today won't be blogging by Christmas."

My question is what drives the ones who stick it out. You have the perspective of success to answer from and you say that you do it for enjoyment. I have to agree. I think the ones that stay do it because they find the reward worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

I had my site for a few years, posting the occasional update here and there and then B2 software came along and since it was so easy, my site evolved into a contemporary blog, I guess.

Ad Tracker said...

Angela - Interesting. So you're saying that you had the desire but it didn't outway the required effort until technology tipped the scale. I guess everyone is probably like that. It's just everyones tipping point is different.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I think it has to do with creating something that someone anywhere in the world can see. Most bloggers love traffic, comments, and links. Why? Because otherwise our sites could not affect anyone. Sometimes I think that I would rather hear "Great Post" than "You're a great person"...silly - but true :-)

Plus, I think it's just plain fun!


Ad Tracker said...

Speedycat - "Plus, I think it's just plain fun!"

I'm with you on that one for sure! - Tracker

Dhanesh said...

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Anonymous said...

I start blogging because I just want to speak out about everything that I feel wrong or good than I had this project with my website a get together website. I just want to communicate with the world and see people (or read) different point of view. We are gift enough to communicate with other so why not use it to build a better world.

Anonymous said...

I think you might like my latest post.
Click here to read it.

It touches on some of what you wrote. Your posat is very well written by the way, enjoyed reading it.

Ad Tracker said...

Thank you for the compliment. I liked your post very much as well. Everyone should take the time to read it.

Anonymous said...

Peace and howdy??

Some have much time to blog and some not, that's why there are haunted blogs with nobody and no post and also there are hyperactive blogs and so on.

The purpose is not all the same, from money making to just kidding of blogging :D

Anyway, all blogs got price of themselves and all bloggers are precious by their genre.

Just want to say thanx so much for fav me :D all the best to you

Best regards

Ad Tracker said...

Forumer - You make some good points. Maybe I just think about things too seriously ;-)

Anonymous said...

An interesting topic and the comments were equally great(which motivated me to comment!lol)

Well, few of my friends back in college had blogs where they posted about their favorite songs, pics, etc. I too started like that but during the course of time I found out this was a better way to exchange ideas, and you could come across blogs from different parts of the world.

I'm not certain when I'll cease blogging, but as of now it's great! :)