Funk Off!

Go read the title again then come back.

I've been in a bit of a funk for a few days and have been dealing with writers block.

I have lots of post ideas but every time I try to explore one I just can't get it going.

I don't have any reason or excuse for being in a funk but I am. I really need to shake it soon though, I feel it is to blame for my leaving ill-tempered comments here, here and here over the last few days. Pearl, Bush and Christine, I apologize for my tone. I haven't changed my opinion, but I should have expressed it more politely.

So, what's a blogger to do when every time they start to write they get hung up? Write a post about it, of course!

How do you push yourself through these types of writing hurdles? Do you get them? (If you don't, I hate you. Just so you know.)(Not really. I don't hate anybody many people.)(Today)

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sapheyerblu said...


I wasn't offended by your comments. Not at all. I totally respect your opinions, whether you agree with me or not.

I thought it great that you voiced your true opinion, I wouldn't expect anything less. I asked for the opinions of my readers and that's just what you gave me; your opinion.

I don't want you to feel the least bit upset by what you said. I'm not.

Telling It Like It Is said...

I've been in sort of a funk myself for several days, and hopefully I'll kick my own butt and get out of it soon. The holidays are tough for me, but I'll survive. :)

I can relate to your mention of having difficulty getting a post started, as that happens to me as well. I had trouble deciding to actually publish my latest post, as some people might take offense. But then again (so I thought to myself) my site wouldn't be called "telling it like it is" if I didn't keep doing exactly that. :)

Hang in there girl, you're doing jus fine!

Anonymous said...

When I can't write, I run. I get away from the computer and just do some kind of exercise. That usually gets me going again.

I understand that it's not always practical for some people but it's what works for me. (It also helps that I write about fitness and exercise :)

P.S who do you use for your sponsored posts?

Ad Tracker said...

@ Sapheyerblu - Aww, I didn't think you were offended. I just feel like I should have used a nicer tone. Thanks though :)

BTW, I love the quad-blue. I have it set up on my computer and had planned to use it for my 1st WordPress theme because I love it and hadn't seen it anywhere else. TThhhhhhpppppppppttt!

@ Telling - I feel for you. Personally, I love the holidays. There isn't any reason for me to feel crappy. Who knows?

The blog is a great release. I'm actually feeling better already :)

Keep your chin up, we're with you!

@ Steve - Exercise? Isn't that what you do during the first two weeks of January?

I'm gonna discuss that in a post very soon ;)

Anonymous said...

If you REALLY wanted to apologize, you'd get to the "happy dance" picture. That's all I'm sayin'. (#);)

Ad Tracker said...

Bush - Ha Ha Ha!! You're a nut!

I'm just sayin' ;)

Thanks for making me laugh :)

Anonymous said...

hey AT: talk about being in the Funk.. look I got here the last :) 'coz I am in a one myself.. hadn't even checked my incoming links and haven't written anything in two days!

I'm glad you are feeling better now 'coz I'd also have urged you to not think twice about what you wrote! and theres absolutely no need to feel bad for anything! I love reading your blog and having you share your thoughts on mine was really nice..

Hope to see you around more often :) tc and kit

Ad Tracker said...

Pearl - From the looks of these comments that funk is going around :(

Thank you so much. All of you guys are so nice. I'm blessed with the best readers on the internet :)

Christy said...


You sound like you've had about the same type of week as me, lol.

My opinion on paid reviews is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money off of your blogs no matter how you decide to do it.

Remember that not all of blog readers are bloggers, and those readers won't care, then there's all of the bloggers who have no trouble with monetized blogs.

No matter what we do as bloggers we are bound to offend some groups of people, so don't worry. That's blogging life.

I'm blogging as a now (almost) full time job and I can't see why I would do it for free. It's my time and effort, and it's worth being compensated for.

When I get into a writing funk I always look around to find an interesting story. It could be something you see on the news, something you hear from someone or about a post you read on a blog.

I hope you feel better soon, blogging is tough I know, and everyone has their own opinions and blogging style.

Hope you have a nice Friday, Hugs:)

Ad Tracker said...

Christy - Wow! In a way it is comforting to know I'm not the only one having a bad week, but then, I hate it that everyone else is having a bad week :(

Must be sun spots or something ;)

Thank you for the validation, I agree wholeheartedly.

Congrats on making the jump to (almost) full-time blogging! You're a very talented writer, I know you can make it :)

Thanks for the tips, I'll be fine. This post and the comments it received have helped a lot.

Ad Tracker said...

I want to thank each and every one of you guys for taking the time to leave a comment on this gloomy post.

I just can't tell you how much it means to me. YOU GUYS ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Hey Addy, when I get in a funk, I just take a break! I have lots of backlog material to choose from and lots of drafts, but sometimes I just do not feel like editing them etc. I don't really experience a writing funk too much, more of a lack of time due to working on multiple blogs. I stagger postings nowadays and got over the idea of having to post every day.

Out of curiosity I checked out the comments, nothing really strong - could be just me tho' lol!

Hope your weekend went fine!

Ad Tracker said...

YC - I just got back from a weekend break and feel moch better, thanks!

Yeah, I've kinda gotten over that posting every day thing ;)