Hunting Season


I'm sure most of you know we are rolling into the heart of the marketing season when everyone with something to sell is trying desperately to get it in front of their potential customers.


What you may not be aware of is, it's also deer hunting season in most of the country. I've never discussed that I am an avid deer hunter but I am. I always have been.


I sat in a deer stand most of last weekend which allowed me lots of time to think. As I sat there patiently waiting for Bambi, it occurred to me how much deer hunting and internet marketing have in common.





The successful deer hunter scouts the land to find where the deer are staying and the paths they follow before any stands are built. The successful internet marketer checks keyword popularity and search traffic before building any sites.





A successful deer hunter plants and tends food plots to get the deer accustomed to coming around. A successful internet marketer provides quality content and keeps it updated.





A successful deer hunter clears their shooting lanes and does maintenance to the stands in the months before the season. A successful internet marketer builds their Christmas affiliate sites in July and has it fully tweaked in September.





The successful deer hunter has multiple stands in different areas to accommodate different conditions and behavior patterns. The successful internet marketer has multiple sites with multiple opportunities to get the click/action/purchase.



Traffic Directing


The deer hunter uses geographic features called "natural funnels" to help put the deer in a clear shooting lane. The internet marketer builds virtual sales "funnels" on their site to direct readers to a purchase/action position.





The deer hunter uses camouflage and cover scents to blend into the environment and not attract attention. The internet marketer camouflages the ads on the page so they blend into the content and navigation links.





The successful deer hunter knows it takes countless hours of preparation and a lot of effort to be successful. They know it takes a long time to develop a successful hunting area. The successful internet marketer knows you can't throw a site together and wait on the millions to roll in. They know it takes time and nurturing to build a successful and profitable web site.



Sure, I know it can happen differently. Once in a while somebody slaps a site together and it turns into a goldmine, just like once in a while, a guy buys his hunting license the day before the hunt, uses a borrowed gun, sits in a borrowed stand and gets a wallhanger. These are, however, the exception not the rule.


The bottom line is this, you get out of anything only what you are willing to put into it. If you jumped out here on the internet with plans of making your fortune, more power to you. You just need to be prepared to work your butt off to get it.



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Anonymous said...

Hey great analogy! So did you get a deer? I like deer hunting but haven't had time for it the last couple years.

Ad Tracker said...

No, saw a really nice one though, just couldn't get a clean shot.

Another time :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this article. This article had me laughing so hard I was crying.

Maybe it was the fact that I am a former deer hunter and can relate, or maybe it's the guts you had admitting that you were waiting for Bambi to come around.

I can only imagine of the wrong group of folks see this article. You would probably get 10,000 spike in visitors.

Any ay I just had to tell you how much I love this one! Keep up the good work. If ever need a stumble or digg you know how to find me. I hope you have a great huntin' season and an even better Thanksgiving!!!!

Ad Tracker said...

Joe - Yeah, I was a little concerned about getting griped at for being a hunter but, hey, I am what I am.

Glad you appreciated the comparisson :)

Cyril said...

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