Review of Your Relevant

In the spirit of "I Review" how could I pass up the opportunity to participate in a site review contest on a blog that does nothing but review other blogs?

That's right gang, there is a blogger out there in the mean old blogospere, who has made it his mission to seek out and review quality blogs.

Here's the real twist, he asks nothing in return.

Your Relevant is that blog.

I'm not going to get into a discussion here about grammar. I'm going to call it poetic license and move right on to extolling the virtues of Your Relevant.

Before you start hitting the StumbleUpon button in your search for new and interesting blogs, click on over to Your Relevant and see what they have turned up. Or better yet, subscribe to their feed and never miss a thing. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Adsense Tracker,

We are honored to have been featured by your great blog.

Thank you

Phillip Matson
Your Relevant

Ad Tracker said...

Phillip - The pleasure was mine. Keep up the good work :)