I Review, Do You?

Every blogger wants traffic. I spend tons of time doing things to try to generate visits to this site and you probably do the same for your blog. We can do all of this stuff untill the cows come home, but if those of us willing to put some effort into developing traffic flow were to form a loose cooperative, we could all benefit from the experience.

The Idea

The concept is that each blogger set aside one or two posts a week for a serious, honest, well thought out review of another blog, that blogger in return would write a review of the reviewing blog. The reviews would be arranged in advance between bloggers.

You would write a blog post about the idea (linking to this post please ;-) and install an "I Review" button on your sidebar that links to your post. Someone interested in exchanging reviews would contact you through comments or email and request a review. You would evaluate the other site and decide to accept the invitation or not. If so, you return contact and make an agreement to write reciprocal reviews. We could call this the "I Review Movement".

The Reviewer

As the writer of a review you should remember that what goes around has a habit of coming back around. If you can't write a nice review of the requesting blog, do not accept the invitation. All reviews should be honest and constructive, not rude, nitpicky or slashing. This is someone's project we're talking about here.

The Reviewee

If you agree to have another blogger write a review of your blog, you must be prepared for an honest assessment of your work. We're all adults here. (We are aren't we?) If you can't take it don't ask for it.

The Purpose For The Project

The primary reason for "I Review" is not to sit around in an echo chamber telling each other how pretty we are. It is to bring traffic to our blogs through a cooperative community effort. Think of not only the great contacts you would make and the aditional visitors you would get but also all of those wonderful backlinks.

I made up a few buttons for anyone that would like one. Feel free to change them to match your site.




Kurt Ko said...

Cool review idea. Regarding the PR5 allsux.wordpress.com: consider yourself added to the blogroll! :) Feel free to let others know they can inquire about PR5 links there, or review allsux.com for a PR4 link back from there!

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks for the compliment. Don't forget your button!

Gelombang Rakyat said...

Dear AdTracker, I am into a movement inviting bloggers to move onto the next level of blogging excitements. In my search, I have found the *I Review* Movement as one of the best way attaining this blogging excitements. I support. I shall soon tell you how this support shall be. For initiating this movement, I salute you!

Ad Tracker said...

Zubli - Thank you! I can't wait to here about your idea.

Don't forget your button!


I Think this is a brilliant idea. I'm a total newbie, and my blog is written both in Spanish and English, I'm at a loss regarding how to promote it and your site offers excellent advice.I will certainly go for the I Review button. Thanks.

Ad Tracker said...

Patsy - Thank you. You have an interesting blog. I wish I could read the Spanish part. Good luck with it and the button!

Thanks for the comment :)

Anonymous said...

I like the idea. Maybe I'll try it on my blog. I will check back to see some results.

Ad Tracker said...

Marko - Great! I hope it works out well for you. Don't forget your button! :)

Anonymous said...

There's a site called reviewback that seems to do pretty much what you're suggesting, I haven't used it yet or gone into any depth with it so I can't say for sure.

There are 1000+ blogs registered there.

link is http://www.reviewback.com

p.s. thanks for the update re FETCHR

p.p.s. on the subject of getting links from other blogs, don't know if you saw this page while you were visiting but it might be of interest too:

Anonymous said...

whoops, link got chooped, hopefully this'll work:

dofollow community with 47+ members

Ad Tracker said...

David - Hi, yeah, I tried ReviewBack with zero results other than one offer to trade revirews from a blog with one post on it.

I've actually done several review exchanges from this post and the button in the sidebar. As a matter of fact, it got me on as a writer at BlogAboutYourBlog.

I saw that page and, to be honest, I'm on a couple of DoFollow lists and all they really send me is spammers. I don't think I'll go out of my way to get on any more lists but thanks for mentioning it.

You're welcome on the fechr thing. I just didn't think it was fair for you to be sitting around waiting for your site to be featured :(

Thanks for stopping in and commenting. Come by often :)