Mooooney Is GOOOOD!

The benevolent bovine John Cow, the Big Bull of making money online, is at it again. He has decided to give away another $500 dollars of someone else’s money. His generosity seems to know only the depths of his web hosting provider’s pockets.

I’m not generally a big contest freak but $500 bucks is $500 bucks so I’m in.

The rules are fairly simple, even for someone like me who always over complicates things.

  1. You have to make a post like this, of at least 200 words. (Like he’s going to count! He doesn’t even have fingers!)
  2. You must include all of the usual linking with special anchor text.
  3. He asks that you vote the post up on all of the social sites and if you can get him on the national news, you will probably win.
  4. You have to describe in your post, how you will spend the money if you win.

Having already fulfilled the rest of the requirements, I’m left with explaining what I would do with the money.

Let’s see:

  1. iPhone? Nah, I could by the phone but couldn’t afford the bill.
  2. Video Game? Nope. I wouldn’t have time to churn out quality content like this.

I’m just kidding. I have no doubt what I would do with an extra 5 C-notes. I would invest in a couple of online projects I’m developing. I could buy a great hosting package from, what is obviously, the best web hosting provider in the world. I could pick up a few more cool domain names and think of all the PPC ads I could buy to get things rolling!

I do have one other question; If this contest ends up being rigged and I don’t win,(I can’t think of any other reason for that to happen.) do I get to deduct the $500 dollars as a loss on my taxes?


Matthew said...

I see your "ireview" button, we'd love for you to review us

Ad Tracker said...

Poet - Why heck, I'd be glad to!

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