Avoid the Noid

Blog Noid that is.

One of my dad’s favorite sayings has always been, “Avoid the Noid!” Whenever he would catch us goofing off instead of working on a chore or school work he would say, “Avoid the Noid!”

It seems the Noid was a cartoon character used in an ad campaign for Dominoes Pizza back in the ‘80s. The Noid would try to do everything in his power to ruin the pizza before it got delivered. Dad of course turned this into the Noid being the guy who always tries to distract you from your work.

Something I have known in my heart for years has really come to light since I’ve been working on this blog; There is most certainly a Blog Noid and he hates me. It seems to be his hearts desire that I not post here consistently.

I know it’s he who tells my cat to sit on my keyboard and makes the phone ring when I’m in the middle of writing a thoughtful post. He makes my laptop get so hot it burns the tops of my thighs and makes my favorite song of all time (I’m not telling.) come on the radio. (Yes, I still listen to the radio. I don’t own an ipod, I hate earbuds. Will you stop distracting me, please?) What was I saying? Oh yeah, yeah, Blog Noid. I remember.

How do I get my posts done, you might ask? Honestly, they just kind of come together at the last minute. I actually carry a spiral notebook (Wal-Mart, 10 cents.) and pen around with me all the time and write down bits and pieces when I think of them. When I feel like I’ve probably thought an idea to death I type it up, sometimes straight into the Blogger text editor (Extremely frustrating device by itself.) and publish the post.

Of course, this last minute writing style has led to more than one near disastrous post, but for the most part it has allowed me to sneak past Mr. Noid.

How do you avoid the Blog Noid?


sapheyerblu said...

That's too funny. I totally remember the Noid and those commercials. Tells you how old I am, doesn't it.

I had to laugh reading about your notebook. That's one of the first things they teach you in creative writing. LOL

If nothing else, this post alone is a good kick to the face for the Noid. It's going to take a little while for the sting of this one to go away. LOL

Great post

Ad Tracker said...

Sapheyerblu - Thank you so much. I really value your opinion.

I'd like to sting him for a while. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I basically have spells when I want to post and times when I can't be bothered. I just try and maximise the time at my creative peak by writing 3 or 4 posts after each other, and then posting them when I cannot be bothered/am otherwise engaged.