I'm such a dork!

My name is Ad Tracker.”

“Hi, Ad Tracker”

“I have dual issues. I am addicted to lists and I am a compulsive planner.”

I actually sat down and wrote out a weekly schedule for this blog and ALMOST POSTED IT!?!? Thank God for proof reading!

I mean it sounded like I was the program director for Podunk Radio.

“…and that’s it for the farm report, now on to our ‘Motivational Monday’ article and don’t forget tomorrow is ‘Techie Tuesday’ with all of those tips and tricks to help you surf the interweb and do the google."

Yes, those are actual titles that I almost posted here. I’m such a sad case. It sounded good when I was writing it. It just scares me that it almost got through.

Anyway, I did want to let my subscribers know that I’m trying to set aside Saturday mornings for my revenue and traffic generating posts. You know the ones we all have to do. The sponsored posts, memes and search engine posts. If I could wave my magic wand and create 1,000 hits a day I would but I can’t so I have to work at it. I decided that if I’m going to post that stuff I’ll do it then and get it off the top of the page quickly. I hope you understand and just blow past it if its not your cup of tea.

This has nothing to do with my reviews which will be posted later in the day on Saturday and will enjoy plenty of time above the fold.

Stay tuned for today’s real post. I’ve got something great for you to do tomorrow!

What could that be? We’ll have to see…


aniceplaceinthesun.blogspot.com said...

Hilarious post! I'm glad I'm not the only one who stops posts at the last minute. It's scary, sometimes isn't it? And I don't think a comma is supposed to be after scary. Is it?

Thanks for joining A Nice Place In The Sun's neighborhood!


Ad Tracker said...

It really is scary how close I came to posting that. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the story and, ey, I love your blog. It's refreshing. Stop by any time. - Tracker