How to Check if Your Content is Original

These days it's really hard to do everything yourself. In fact, if you follow some of the most successful people out there who are giving advice about how to make a living on the internet, you'll find that quite a few of them recommend that you hire other people to do the things you don't like to do, like writing content for your web sites.

Outsourcing your content creation is an awesome way to amplify your productivity dramatically, but it can also present challenges you may not be prepared for, like plagiarism. It's only human nature for someone to try to do as little as possible to get paid, and this often means hired writers copy and pasting content from other web sites into articles you are paying them to write for your site.

As the site owner, it is completely up to you to be certain everything you post on your site is completely original and does not violate anyone else's copyrights, but how do you do this? You have a couple of options; You can use a third party company that checks all the work produced through them for originality, or you can check it yourself.

To check the articles yourself, the best thing to do an online plagiarism check through a site like To do the checks you just paste the text you want to examine into the tool and it will automagically search the internet to see if it has been copied from somewhere else.

By checking your outsourced content for originality you can avoid any potential problems that might arise with other site owners, except when you beat them in the search results ;)