Site Build It Scam Reviews

Have you heard of Site Build It, or SBI for short?

I vaguely remember hearing someone talking about it about a year ago in a private forum I was on. Basically the conversation was about how this person didn't recommend it because it was so expensive and was really geared toward absolute beginners that didn't know anything at all about web sites or having any kind of internet presence, much less how to make money online. Basically this person was just advising the other person to not get involved.

That was really the last I heard about the subject for the longest time, until recently. It seems that maybe there are more and more less than enthusiastic former members of the $300 per site, per year club. (Yeah, that's what I thought too when I heard it.)

Anyway, I've been hearing a few more comments around advising people to not buy in. There was also talk of an unruly mob coming swooping down with torches and pitchforks when anyone would make a negative comment about SPI in a blog post or forum thread. To be honest, I didn't care. I mean, we've dealt with the onslaught of trolls around here before. I've even written about how to use Stumble Trolls to your advantage.

Mobs of angry, slobbering trolls is just something that, while exiting the first time it happens, really just gets boring. Not to mention all of the comment moderating you have to deal with and all. Frankly, I'm just too lazy for that much effort, usually. Heh, heh.

So anyway, I have been reading this blog lately by a really smart Australian lady. Yes, she's a MMO blogger but that doesn't make her a bad person, does it? Well, she wrote a post about looking for a Site Build It Review. Essentially, she had been doing a little research online about SBI and couldn't come up with anything except a bunch of scam "reviews" that were really just affiliate sales pages. No real reviews at all. Never anything remotely negative. Now, if you have spent any time online, you know there is no such thing as a product or service that someone isn't happy about.

Stick with me here, it's just getting good :)

To put it bluntly, her post was not favorable about SPI and it did not take long for the mob to gather. I've got to tell you folks, it was surreal. These people are way more committed to this product than those tame little Stumble Trolls are. Stumble Trolls just give you a thumbs down, write how they hope you die of genital warts and then go away. They might take the time to write a rude or vulgar comment but that's about it.

These SiteBuildIt! people are different from that. They are consumed by some kind of feverish passion that, when stoked up by their leader, Dr. Somethingorother, they descend on a blog and leave 500+ word comments about how wrong the person is that wrote the original post.

Some are reasoned and maintain their composure but others are down right mean and bullying, and...pathetically naive. You could tell these weren't high schoolers in the basement like the Stumble Trolls, this was stay at home moms and retirees that had an education and time on their hands. When Doctor Watshisname put out the word on their private forum, they came running with their keyboards cocked and aimed, ready to take down this non-believer and convince them to change their ways by argument or by threat of lawsuit or worse.

Silly really, but they are too naive to understand, I guess. They don't seem to accept the concept that this is the internet and free speech is king. They don't understand that it is perfectly OK for someone to write on their blog that they think a company or product seems rather shady because you can't find anything negative about them or a real review that doesn't have affiliate links in it.

It is so glaringly obvious that they are almost all just a bunch of manipulated noobs that really don't know anything. Do you remember how it was when your mom fist got a computer and internet access? Remember how she would forward every cute picture and sad story email that she got for the first couple of months? Yeah, they're like that.

It was really hilarious though when Vic, you know Vic, he's the guy that writes that blog that tells you how to make money blogging. Anyway, Vic, who really knows his stuff, deconstructed one of these torch bearer's sites and just chewed him up showing for the world that he was all talk and didn't actually make any money. You've got to see his, SBI Noobs Are Funny, video. (Beware: Graphic language) ***Vic has posted a follow-up Site Build It Review article you shuld check out.***

So, anyway, even though I have absolutely no first hand knowledge of the Site Build It product or company, I am going to wholeheartedly recommend against anyone within the sound of my voice getting involved with this outfit in any way. These people are myopic and cultish. I've seen their, pathetically, private forum where they build themselves into a frenzy. There are no negative comments about the product allowed. For God's sake, they quote Chairman Mao about uniting together for the common good. Are you kidding me? Mao? What about Marx, or Stalin, or Lenin, or Hitler?

My opinion is, anyone with just a small amount of motivation and intelligence can easily do everything they offer for substantially less and not have to toe the party line to receive help. For that matter, if you are looking for some eye opening understanding about the internet and earning a living from it, you should check out one of the best sites I've found. A guy that goes by the handle, Grizzly, writes a fantastic MMO blog. The difference between him and the MMO bloggers you know of is, he's actually making money online.

Well, that's my assessment of the whole, Site Build It Scam Reviews subject. Of course, I could be completely wrong, go read the post and comments for yourself.

***** Follow-Up*****

Wow! Has this gotten bigger! I thought I would tale the time to come back in and give you some links to a few of the MANY related posts on the topic as well as an excellent video SiteBuild It Review. Enjoy, and if you are really considering buying into the whole SiteBuildIt! thing, take a little time and really investigate it.

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Remember this if nothing else. Never trust any review of a product if it contains affiliate links, Period.