Keyword Elite 2.0 Reviews?

Have you been getting bombarded with all of the spam email garbage telling you how wonderful Keyword Elite 2.0 is? I know I have and I'm getting sick of it.

Here we go again with some "guru" releasing some new "make money on the internet" product that is supposed to show all of us budding moguls all of the secret tricks and back doors that the "big boys" use to make their fortune online.

I mean, doesn't it always seem to be all of the same usual suspects that are trying to palm this crap off on us? You know the group Filsame (sp?), Katzenwhozit (The idiot that bought, and, of course, the horses mouth himself, Brad Callen. (Nope, no links here for these guys.)

So, anyway, I do make a bit of money online by using SEO and backlinks to gain natural search results to my sites. For this reason I was initially interested in finding out some real information about this new product, so I whipped out my trusty Google search bar and typed in Keyword Elite 2.0 Review only to find the entire first page covered up with the same old garbage of fake reviews that are full of affiliate links and sales pitch from someone who hasn't even tried version one of Keyword Elite, much less the new and improved version 2.0 of the awesome, money making, software suite.

I would love to hear from someone who actually has tried the product. Preferably someone who is not an affiliate for it. I have to be honest though, everything I have heard or read about it so far in the sales pitches sounds like total BS designed to trick noobs into thinking they are going to take over the internet and secretly make a fortune.

There is one question I always ask myself when I am evaluating a product that is supposed to help me make money online; Why is this person selling this?

The answer is simple; because they can make more money selling it than actually using it.

If they actually held the keys to Make Money Online success, why wouldn't they be sitting back, quietly becoming the next Warren Buffett or Bill Gates and just let you spend all of your money and get out of the game?

That's right, because the shiny keys to success that they are trying to get you to lay out your hard earned for are a complete bullshit scam that will not make you any money but will actually cost you a lot more in the long run than you spent for their crap product.

Aside from all that, I really am interested in hearing from anyone who has first-hand experience using the new Keyword Elite 2.0 software. Just leave a comment on this post.