American Idol Is Rigged?!?

I can't believe what I've been reading. It seems to be spreading all over the internet like wildfire. Let's get real, we all probably thought at some point that the producers of American Idol might be pulling some kind of behind the scenes shenanigans to manipulate the scores and influence which contestants got to stay on the show but this is a little bit different.

The New York Daily News started all of this with this story. The story has now been picked up by American Idol fan sites like this one for Adam Lambert and this one for Danny Gokey. According to the source quoted in the news article, the producers of the show have already chosen the final four contestants and are trying to manipulate the results to control the final two.

If this is true it may deal a serious blow to the credibility of the whole American Idol system by knocking down the public perception of their votes actually influencing the outcomes of the process. Time will tell but this looks to be pretty serious to me. There have always been the rumors but this is the first time an inside staffer has actually said that the American Idol contest was rigged from the beginning.