Spoke Too Soon


Well, I think the stupid internet is finally up again for good. I thought everything was fine the other day and then it crapped out again. It's been coming and going ever since. Up for an hour and a half, down for three and so on and so on.


After a while it goes from being really frustrating to being just down right silly. It's kind of pathetic how much we depend on the internet to accomplish anything isn't it? I really feel sorry for the companies that require access to operate.


My insurance agent has been having a fit. It seems they are not allowed to keep hard copies of anything anymore. All of their records are stored digitally online. According to him, a digital copy is as good as an original if the original does not exist. So, they scan every document and upload it to the corporate server then shred the original. A very 21st century concept, right up until the internet goes down, then you have no files. Ooops!


Oh well. I've been adjusting pretty well. At least the electricity wasn't out all this time. That would have been catastrophic. If the power had been off I wouldn't have been able to practice Guitar Hero 3 or find some cool cheat codes during the internet up times ;)


I promise I'm not ignoring your comments and emails. This time I'll attend to them before I attack my feed reader.


Anonymous said...

Wow... everything digital? Then you would have to make backups in another building. Just in case the building with the servers burns down. I guess that would be a financial disaster.

I know we use the internet a lot and maybe some time of it is completely wasted, but it also has advantages. So I get to know people from other countries and learn that a lot of them are quite nice.

I don't know if this would be the case without the internet. Prejustices would spread more easily I guess.

Have a great day.

Best Regards from Germany


Ad Tracker said...

@ Markus - Yeah, I can only imagine the redundant back-up systems they would have to have.

You're absolutely right, there is a lot of good thaat comes from the internet. It makes the world a much smaller place :)

Anonymous said...

cheating at guitar hero? ouch.

BlogStruk said...

Interestingly enough, the physical therapist I see has been having similar problems, except their Internet connection has been down for one whole week! They use BellSouth DSL and keep their appointment information online. They've had to resort to using paper which has been quite a challenge.

Hmmn, I wonder what we won't be able to live without in another 20 or 30 years? :)

Anonymous said...

Why are you ignoring me!?!?!? *e-tear*

Ad Tracker said...

@ Sir Jorge - I figure if they put a way to enter the cheats on the menu, they must not really be cheating ;)

@ Blogstruck - Pencil & Paper?!?!

Perish the thought ;P

@ Bush - I'm not TRYING to ignore you, sometimes it just happens ;)