Taking A Break

OK, so here's the deal; I'm currently buried in a big project. As my dad would say, I'm so busy I don't have time to catch my butt with both hands.


The fact is, I've got some great post ideas but simply don't have time to develop them properly.


My project involves the internet and I am looking forward to reporting on it when I'm done, or at least done enough to have the time to actually be able to organize a competent article.


I'm in the process of implementing many of the things I've been learning over the past six months. I look forward to reporting back to you with my results. I plan to give credit where credit is due about what has worked and what has not. I think when I'm this portion of the project is complete, I'll actually be able to help you guys with some honestly tested information and step-by-step guides.


So I'm going to relieve myself of the stress of not posting regularly here by announcing that I'm taking a short break. I may post at any time but regular posting is on hold for a short while. (I know, it's already been on hold for a while ;P)


I can't wait to report back to you on my success or failure. Grab my feed and you won't miss a thing.


Anonymous said...

GL with your project(s)!

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling we may be up to some of the same things. Best of luck! I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of green. :-)

StockDog said...

Hi Adsense Tracker. I read your posts and have found very useful tips. I don't know how anyone has the time to do this. I just do it for fun but even that takes quite a bit of time. Keep up the good work and useful posts coming.

Ad Tracker said...

@ Bush - Thank you! Same to you :)

@ Bloggrrl - I don't know about a lot but I'd take it ;) Good luck to you also.

@ Stockdog - Thanks for the encouragement, I think you'll like what's coming.

Tish said...

I look forward to your return! Good luck with your project!

Oh, and I presented you with an award on The Kat House! :)

Anonymous said...

How are the projects going. I miss reading your daily post. How about an update?

Anonymous said...

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I have too started getting inside niches and diversifying my incomes.I will keep u updated with that. Between there's no luck only hard work thats gonna get u succeed.