Weight Loss Weapons - A Review


The internet is awash in too-good-to-be-true schemes and plans that, for a fee, will show you the easy secrets to help you finally succeed. No, I'm not talking about making a fortune with AdSense. I'm talking about weight loss.


Today I'm going to introduce you to a site full of information and tools to help you win your war with weight. The difference is they don't offer any secret tool for only $19.95. They offer good, common sense advice. For Free!


This is the 3rd review in the four part series that resulted from the contest a couple of weeks ago. Steve, the author of Weight Loss Weapons, won this review by answering the question, "Why Blog?". His response is below.


"Here is my entry:

When I lost weight my friends and family were impressed and came to me for advice. Of course I helped them get on track and in shape.

That is a very rewarding experience, I feel like I had made a difference. But at the same time it wasn't enough of a difference for me.

Blogging serves 2 purposes (well 3 if you include any income I make from it).

1. I can hopefully help make a change in other peoples lives. Talking one on one is very time consuming and at the end only 1 person is affected. Blogging allows me to reach dozens to hundreds of people a once.

I know what it's like to overweight and everything that goes along with it. So I can better relate to people still stuck in that situation on a broader scale.

2. Blogging keeps me motivated and inspired to keep learning and improving on what I have achieved so far. I have a ton of ideas and opinions that are just easier to express in a blog. Spell checker and the backspace button are my secret weapons.

The key for me is to keep getting out of blogging as much or more than my readers.

I think that is why a lot of bloggers give up. Their needs are not being fulfilled.

If you just stick with it long enough, you'll find your online voice and others will begin to listen.

Anyway that's why I blog. Sounds a little sappy but it's true."



Weight Loss Weapons Blog is an interactive extension of the parent site, WeightLossWeapons.com (How Web 2.0!) and is authored by the aforementioned Steve, who is on his own personal journey to conquer weight.


Even though the blog has only been around since late September, the regular postings have built up a nice library of content. I can only imagine how well-stocked the shelves will be when the New Year's Resolution rush kicks in.




In my research for this review I looked the site over and checked the "About" page only to find the WordPress template text was still there. C'mon Steve! All the work you put into this site and that? Doh!


Yeah, I was kinda disappointed with that but then I read his 1st post. Excerpts from that are below.


"My name is Steve and over the past year or so I have finally dropped those 35+ lbs of ugly unwanted fat. I’ve struggled for the past ten years to lose weight and every attempt has failed, until now. I have tried almost every popular diet out there including the South Beach Diet, The Abs Diet as well as following the Weight Watchers Points plan.

So what changed? Why have my efforts paid off this time? The answer was not that there was a problem with the diet plans I followed. They all work and plenty of people have lost weight with them.  The answer for me was information and motivation. I have learned so much about how to lose weight safely, through proper nutrition and a regular exercise program."


Steve, copy & paste that into your "About" page. It'll be better than template text.


It's obvious from that entry Steve is blogging with a passion. The same passion, I suspect, he exerts towards his weight control.




The main thing I liked about the blog is the content. The articles are rich in tips, tricks and suggestions. The best thing, however, is the articles are written in a down-to-earth, common sense tone. He speaks strait and honestly with no sugar coating.


With article categories like Exercise, Motivation and Weight Loss, you know what the primary focus of the blog is. How many blogs, however, have you seen with a separate category for Your Questions? This just shows the dedication Steve has for his readers and his interest in their success.




If you are even remotely interested in losing  weight, maintaining your present weight or just staying fit, I highly recommend you make a trip over to the Weight Loss Weapons Blog as well as the parent site, Weight Loss Weapons.


I feel certain you will be able to find plenty of useful information and encouragement in your quest for a healthier life.


Anonymous said...

Wow that was a really amazing review of my site. Thank you very much Adtracker.

I will definitely update the about page. I want to include my before and after photos as well. I am almost there, just adding a few more pounds of muscle and then I'll be ready to show off :)

Thanks again!

Ad Tracker said...

Steve - You have a nice site with good info. I'm glad you liked it and please do put something in your about page. You can change it later :)