Camping Pros & Cons


Back to the real world... at least for a while.


I've got one more post on the camping theme. For those of you who never escape the concrete jungle, sorry. All I can say is, you really should try it sometime. At least once.



 Pros & Cons of Going Camping


Pros Cons
No Computer/Blog/Email No Computer/Blog/Email
Coyotes Singing Bugs
Sunrise/Sunset Getting Up Early
Cooking Out Cleaning Up
Eating Junk Food Shower/Toilet Facilities
Time To Think  
Camp Coffee  
Admiring Nature  



Pros & Cons of Coming Home from Camping


Pros Cons
Comfy Bed Feed Reader (OMG!)
Cat & Kittens Back to Routine



There you have it. Back to regular blogging tomorrow.



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