Its All About Perspective


How many hits would qualify as a "High Traffic" day on your blog? 50? 100? 1000? 10K?


What do you consider to be a good StumbleUpon experience?


I've recently discussed an increase in traffic we've seen around here from one relatively popular post but I think some of you may have gotten the wrong impression of the actual numbers. We're going to straighten that out with this post.


The first thing you have to understand is this blog breaks the rules and stereotypes. For Pete's sake, it's called "AdSense Tracker" and doesn't have an ad in sight!


One of the more unusual quirks about this blog is it rarely has as many daily hits as it has subscribers. A good traffic day around here is 50-70 hits but the subscriber numbers have been near or over 100 for a while now. It seems most blogs with this type of subscription rate are running 5-10 times, or more, the daily traffic.


With All This In Mind, Let's Look At The Results


  1. Sunday September 16th - This is the date of the original post with 55 visitors. As you can see, over the next couple of days, traffic picked up a bit to near 100 hits primarily due to StumbleUpon.
  2. Wednesday September26th - This is the day the post was discovered and linked to by a couple of higher traffic blogs which led to the the linking of several other blogs as well. The one day spike of 206 visitors tapered off quickly.
  3. September 30th through October 5th - During this time the post was being discussed on some of the SEO and Webmaster forums. During this period traffic was fluctuating between 80 and 100 hits per day.


Stumble Factor


During this entire episode the post was receiving hits from StumbleUpon and still gets a couple of hits a day. The post has received 19 Thumbs Up and 5 reviews so far and SU has delivered 184 hits.


Traffic By Source


Blog Links 351
Forums 240
StumbleUpon 184
Google 126
Social Networks 96
Other 137
TOTAL 1134


You see, you have to keep your perspective. What is a big deal to me would only be a small blip to many of you. While most blogs with over 100 subscribers average thousands of hits a week, this blog is over three months old and just recently received it's 5000th overall visit.


Thing that make you go, hmmm.


Please don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining in any way. I love and appreciate each and every one of you guys. You are my loyal band of readers and without you this blog would have no soul. Thank You All!



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Anonymous said...

What I like about Stumbleupon is the way traffic can arrive in waves over a period of time. I guess that's down to when (or if) different people will stumble a particular post, but I still see good traffic from posts that were stumbled quite some time ago :)

Anonymous said...

'm surprised you didn't get more traffic from that many reviews and thumbs up, but it's still really good.

Ad Tracker said...

@ John - Yeah, it's kindo of cool that I'm still seeing traffic coming in to that post.

@ Steven - I'm kind of surprised with it also. I hear stories about sites getting thousands of hits from SU but I don't know. I'll take what I get and say, "Thank You!"

Anonymous said...

You will get those much talked about traffic tsunamis from SU only if you have built up a number of factors combined - your network of friends, the number of stumbles that you have amassed yourself, the groups that you're in etc etc. Not sure how active you're in SU, Ad Tracker, but those are decent numbers anyway.

And so right about the relativity of traffic numbers - as with everything in life, it has become a branding cause to have high traffic numbers, so when 'small-timers' like us rejoice in like 100 hits a day, somehow they snigger at us. But it's not all about traffic (although I'm sure we wouldn't mind having more readers, of course!) :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to have 100 hits a day. Right now I am averaging 20, I can't complain about that though. My blog is only 3 weeks old.

So far Stumble upon has sent me nothin'

Anyway you can count me as 1 new subscriber :)

Ad Tracker said...

@ YC - I was rellatively active in SU before this project started eating all my time but not massively into it. It's not really that big a deal to me, it's just interesting :)

@ Steve - Welcome to the funny farm! Most of us are pretty nice and I don't remember anyone getting bitten in quite a while ;)

You have a cool blog going there, not to mention a possible money maker.

Traffic will come. Think of Dori from "Finding Nemo" and sing to yourself, "Just keep blogging, just keep blogging, blogging, blogging, doo doo da doo..."

Content makes the world go round, at least this world :)

Anonymous said...

Congragulations nonetheless.

I just moved to a new URL and am hoping that my readers will come too, but it is always exciting to have a noticeable increase in traffic.

I still remember when I couldn't believe that five whole people out there read my blog. I am glad it has gone up since then, but it is important to remember, I think.

Ad Tracker said...

Dana - I agree. I remember how proud I was when I broke 100 hits in a week and 10 subscribers :)