Is This The End?


Not quite but it's getting close!


That's right, the blog hiatus is coming to an end. I should be back to full-time (or at least, nearly full-time) blogging early next week.


I'm trying to decide how to jump start things again. We'll almost certainly have some sort of contest with a cool prize. We'll have to see.


For now, you can click over and read my first post on Blog About Your Blog. It's a review of International Freebies For All that was won in the last BAYB contest.


Don't feel neglected because I posted over there. If anyone should feel neglected its Mary from International Freebies For All for having to wait so long for her review to be posted.


After you read that awesome piece of literature, click over to read the rules of the new BAYB contest then go home to your own blog and get your entry written so you can have a chance to win a review of your blog or one of those other crappy prizes like cash from Bidvertiser where you can get $20 of free advertising for new advertisers.


Since I'm now a writer for Blog About Your Blog, I don't know if I'm eligible but, if I am, I've got my three entries done. Too bad for you guys. You know how I am with contests. Well, there are four prizes and I can only win one. Maybe it's not so bad for you after all.


So there it is. I'm looking forward to getting back to the real world of this blog and away from the lunacy of civilization. Any and all suggestions for a contest or other promotion would be appreciated. (You can just forget about my Wii, that ain't happening!) 



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Rhys said...

Your Wii?

Hey, you got it online yet? Let me know your Friend number so I can add you, and beat you at Mario Strikers ;)

Ad Tracker said...

Rhys - Oh, you poor little world travelor. You are so far behind.

You obviously just dumped your reader and started over when you got home, huh?

If you go back and read the past 4 or 5 posts, you'll see your contest was just the latest one I won. I won the Wii and $50 voucher from John Cow. I also won the Bronze package from David Airey as well as a few other contests.

No. it's not on line yet. It's not even out of the box yet.

I'm not much of a gamer so I doubt I'll be competing with any of you international superstars any time soon ;)

Anonymous said...

The wii isn't even out of the box yet? Here I thought that was probably what was keeping you from us :P

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh yeah, I left neglected. Want to fix that? Send me da Wii!

Hahah, just kidding!
When will you run a contest of your own? I'll be launching mine as soon as I find a crazy sponsor!

Anonymous said...


Ad Tracker said...

@ Nick - LOL! I wish! I just opened it and looked at it this evening. It's so small!

@ Mary - Thanks for not being upset about the wait :)

I'm going to run a contest soon, I've just got to get the details worked out. Good luck on yours, let us know so we can enter :)

It's OK to be WEIRD! said...

Could you tell me a little more about BAYB? I have been there, but not sure how it all works. Now that you're a blogger there, what do you think?

I'm just catching up with you here, and I know I'm going to have to go back and reread the last 10 posts over and over again to get my head around some of the 'bloggy' things you've been talking about. This is the kind of stuff I want to know, but it's a lot of stuff all at once!

Thanks a ton!

Ad Tracker said...

Sweet Mummy - Blog About Your Blog is great! Honestly, I don't know why they let me hang around over there with all the real talent they have.

BAYB is basically a group project similar to Top Secret Blogger, another project I'm involved in. The contributing authors simply post content when the mood strikes or on a regular basis, depending on their arangement.

10 posts will get your feet wet. I would recommend reading the "featured posts" from the sidebar plus that rediculous 'Google 2.0' post to get a feel for things around here.

We're glad to have you on board! Someone new to confuse, yipee!

Feel free to ask any questions or jump in the conversations. If we can't answer your questions we'll get you so turned around you won't know what it is you don't know!

See what I mean ;)