Why WordPress Is Superior To Blogger

If you are serious about blogging and expect the world to take you serious, self hosted WordPress is the only blogging format to use.


Yes, you can run a perfectly decent blog on the free Blogger platform but, as long as your blog has a blogspot address, it will always be treated as a stepchild in the internet mainstream and if it does become successful, it will be known as an anomaly.


Why is WordPress superior to Blogger for a serious blog? Well, let's see.



Superior Content Management System - The difference between WordPress and Blogger in the realm of content management is like comparing grad school to high school. They are both institutions of education with class rooms but that's about it. Blogger will provide the tools necessary to put your posts online but WordPress gives you the ability to have a professional publication.


Superior User Interface - Let's face it, the Blogger user interface is desined for the complete novice and, as such, offers few real control options beyond the basics. WordPress, on the other hand, allows for almost infinite flexibility in design and control.


Superior Credibility - A self hosted WordPress blog with a "YourDomain.com" web address garners dramatically more instant credibility than a "MySillyName.blogspot.com" address. How serious would you take a business with a ".geocities.com" web address or a "@hotmail.com email address? Would you give them your credit card info? My point exactly.



The bottom line is, comparing self-hosted WordPress to Blogger is like comparing a  new computer system to an IBM Selectric. They will both produce a decent looking letter, and if a letter is all you want, either will do and the Selectric is probably free just like Blogger. If, however, you want or need a more professional product, there really is only one option.

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Bobby Revell said...

I am totally digging your choice of post titles and how you look at things from more than one angle! This is another great post!

Anonymous said...

Nice way to give the flip side of your previous post! It's also a good way to show that you are open-minded and can see things in more than one way.

ColorStruck said...

I totally agree. I'm in the process of moving from Blogger to a hosted domain powered by WordPress. Blogger is great for beginners (like myself) but I think most dedicated bloggers eventually outgrow it.

Anonymous said...

Er, does this mean you are migrating to WP then Ady ;) If so good choice!

Ad Tracker said...

@ Bobby - I thought you might get a kick out of it ;)

@ Nick - Thanks Nick. You inspired this post :)

@ ColorStruck - Yeah, Blogger is a great place to start but I think most bloggers eventually outgrow it.

@ John - Probably...eventually :)

Anonymous said...

I chose self hosted WordPress by default. I needed to be able to post my horror stories which would have violated Blogger's TOS.

It's funny how larger companies are so afraid of a few itty bitty swear words. Ah well, f**k em.

Nice blog!

Ad Tracker said...

AntiBarbie - There you go, one more reason!

Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

Unknown said...

I just jumped into the world of "my own domain" and I have to say I feel heady with power. Exactly for the reasons you mentioned.

It is so nice to have my own pad. And I do think it gives me more credibility. I found you through revellian (his link to your post about google/adsense). I found it interesting that you and I are kindred souls.

Sister, I live for stats and comments. I think we all want the feedback, but I'm not sure I would shy away from the publicity.

Hey, (clears throat) if any wants to, you know, try that viral experiment on me (pauses) I'd be more than willing.

You know, for the research aspect of it.

cardiogirl, low tops optional

Ad Tracker said...

CardioGirl - I look forward to living on my own domain one day also. Thanks for stopping in and commenting, check back often :)