3 Reasons Blogger is Better Than WordPress

While the entire blogosphere is waiting impatiently to jump in and discuss the virtues of WordPress 2.3, I'll give you something else to discuss.


Yes, WordPress is a "must have" for a serious blogger, especially if their topic is "making money" or "blogging" but, in many circumstances, Blogger is a superior platform and here are 3 reasons why.



Totally Free - No hosting, no domain, no expense whatsoever. How much explanation does this one need?


Super Simple User Interface - No complicated set up or installation. No downloading themes or plug-ins needed. Simply enter your username, password and email address, choose one of thirty-something templates, answer some simple questions and start posting.


No SEO Needed - The fact is Google loves Blogger. A frequently updated Blogger blog will be indexed quickly and rank pretty well for almost anything that is posted with virtually no Search Engine Optimization.



While a Blogspot address causes credibillity issues for business or "make money" blogs, the fact is, if your blog is simply a place to express yourself online, Blogger is a perfectly legitimate, acceptable and often superior platform.


sapheyerblu said...

I totally agree. I love my blogger blog. Though my more serious sites are all wordpress, I'd be lost without my blogspot site.

Another good thing about Blogger is the fact that it seems that more people visit these sites as opposed to wordpress, thanks in part to the "next blog" link at the top of each page.

And finally, I love the feeling of community among blogspot bloggers.

Ad Tracker said...

Sapheyerblu - That's right, us poor little Blogspotters have to stick together ;)

YC said...

I disagree on one point - I think even if your blog is about making money online, a free blogger site can still do it. I've seen quite a number who are making money from it. ;)

Nick said...

Since I use a WordPress blog, I just have to disagree with this post.

The wordpress user interface is quite simple to use for your day-to-day tasks as well plus you get more ability to customize your site to look and act how you want.

You say that "if your blog is simply a place to express yourself online...." but this counters your No SEO Needed argument. If you just want to express yourself online, you won't be concerned with SEO anyway.

All arguments aside, I can see pros and cons of both WordPress and Blogger.

Telling It Like It Is said...

With all the discussion on the virtues of Wordpress found on so many blog sites, I couldn't help but be curious to try it out.

Maybe it's just me, but I have not found Wordpress to be as easy as many people say it is. I really like my blogger account, for the simplicity and ease you mentioned. Curiosity got the better of me and I am using Wordpress with my brand new, barely started second blog and am not too sure if I've impressed with Wordpress or not.

I'll give it a little more time and then decide whether or not to stay with Wordpress or switch my new blog over to blogger. Learning about plugins and all that jazz associated with Wordpress has given me a massive headache.

Karthik said...

Wordpress offers the same as the first 2 points on wordpress.com, but you're bang on about the SEO aspect. I wonder if that's applicable to all blogs or just blogger though.

I had a blog on blogger that I never maintained, but it quickly came up to a PR3 for about 10 posts!

I haven't experimented with a WP.com blog, with hosting becoming ever so cheap, it makes perfect business sense to host your own blog IMHO. If you can't live without the Blogger interface, although for the life of me, I don't see why, there's an option to host your own Blogger blog.

Just my 6 cents (2 for each opinion ;) ).

Madhur Kapoor said...

I agree with the last point . But the first 2 points are there in a free wordpress blog too .

Ad Tracker said...

@ YC - Point taken. I agree that a proffitable blog is possible on Blogger. My point was if making money is your purpose, WordPress is the better fit if for no other reason tan the stigma associated with th .blogspot address.

You can make money with an @hotmail.com email address, but people take an @mydomain.com address much more serious.

@ Nick - HaHa! I thought you might :)

When I talk about simplicity, I mean someone with little or no blogging experience can sit down and start posting in less than an hour with virtually no training.

Point taken on the SEO ;)

@ Tellin' - I think you're going to find that after you spend a litle time with WordPress you will come to appreciate the flexibillity.

You may end up longing for the simplicity of Blogger but, if you try to go back, I don't think you will tollerate the restictions.

@ Karthic - I don't know if the quick listing and high ranking is every blog or just Blogger. I just know that I can often rank with the big spenders on some key words without even trying ;)

6cents?! That's more than I made from AdSense last week! Hooray! I doubled up!

Thank you all for taking the time to comment!

Ad Tracker said...

Madhur - You snuck in while I was answering the others! :)

You're right! I should have said "a self hosted WordPress blog".

Good catch ;)

Joe Bartolotta said...

Another great post! I am partial to Blogger myself although the other platforms do offer benefits as well. Your 3 reasons are probably why 90% of the people that are on blogger use blogger.

Bobby said...

Hi! I'm reading these posts and I am very impressed by your choice of subject matter! This blog has become very good!!!!!

I like both blogger and wordpress. I use both and like each for different reasons.

I use a self-hosted wordpress blog for my main Revellian site. However, I would recommend most people to jump into this situation.

If you are a serious techno buff who is fluent in writing html and php, then a self-hosted wordpress blog is a super-fun playground made in heaven.

I tell people that if you are not sure if you need a wordpress blog or not, then you don't! You'll know if need to go in this direction. If you don't really know what you are doing you can mess your blog and your ratings up. Blogger is a great choice for most people and is certainly the best for a beginner.

Great post!!!!!

Bobby said...

I meant:

I use a self-hosted wordpress blog for my main Revellian site. However, I would recommend most people NOT to jump into this situation. Sorry!

Ad Tracker said...

@ Joe - Thank you! I think you are right. Most people, especially newbies, are drawn to Blogger because of the simplicity. (And the cost) :)

@ Bobby - Thank you! That's a real compliment coming from such a wordsmith as yourself!

I agree, there are strong pros and cons to each option. That's probably why they are both still around and going strong.

Thank you to both of you guys for taking the time to comment!

ColorStruck said...

It's funny. Since I subscribe to your RSS feed I read your second post first (the one in which you talk about the pros of using WordPress). I then read this post. I have to say I agree with them both; I'm moving to a hosted domain with WordPress and I think it will turn out to be a good move in the long run but I gotta tell you; the admin interface in WordPress is more difficult (for me) to tackle than the one in Blogger. Also, with Blogger you don't have to worry about upgrades; if you've got a hosted domain powered by WordPress you have to perform the upgrades yourself. It can be a bear to handle.

So, although your posts highlight two somewhat different points of view, you wrote them in such a wonderfully balanced way that I can honestly say that I agree with both of them!

Ad Tracker said...

ColorStruck - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the posts. There are pros and cons onboth sides.

Thanks for taking the time to stop in and comment!

Ryan said...

Amen! I've tried Wordpress and a few others, but Blogger is where it's at!
I don't have the patience to play with code all day and Blogger brings a user friendly aspect to the dance.

Glen Akin said...

How can blogger be sooooo good when you can't even upload pictures to it using Word 2007?

I know this is a little disadvantage, but it is fantastic for those who blog offline and put their stuff online later (probably due to unavailable internet connection at a certain period).

I use WORD. I'm addicted to WORD. I was happy when I found out that WORD 2007 could be used to blog. I opened a blogger account and - alas - I found that I couldn't use WORD 2007 to put up images on my blog. Rubbish.

Blogging Buddha said...

I have used both Blogger as well as Wordpress (both paid and hosted). Here are somethings points I would like to say:

1)When you start a blog in Blogger, you get an edge over everything else, because your site gets indexed faster ( my blogs are usually found by Googlebot within the first three days) and you get more traffic because of the 'next blog feature'. But later on there is not much difference between a Blogger and Wordpress blog.

2) You really waste time in choosing templates, adding plug-ins etc in wordpress.

3) But you get less comments in Blogger. But comments spam is also fewer if you have a Blogger blog.

4) Readers may not take you seriously if you have a blogspot address initially, but that will change if you write some quality posts.

5)You will loose some revenue with blogger, because you want be able to get many sponsored review opportunities. But that is not a big disadvantage.

6)Handling blogger is even easier than wordpress.com

7) Blogger does not allow to publish in pages which is really a problem

8) The greatest advantage with Blogger is this: managing multiple blogs (upto five) is very easy.

So the bottom line is : forget wordpress.com,
forget paid wordpress if you are new to blogging,
forget blogger and you will regret.

bc said...

well blogger is ten times better, and with the added feature of embedded features the seo organization has also doubled

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I think even if your blog is about making money online, a free blogger site can still do it

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Rachel said...

I'm in the process of moving all blogs from WordPress to Blogger.

Not only am I spending $50 a month for hosting for the WP blogs when Blogger would be free, WordPress has sooooooo many issues now Blogger is a far superior product, IMO.