Whats In Your Bag?

I don't want to know what's in your wallet (Unless you're sharing). I want to know what's in your bag.


I can hear you saying, "What are we talking about now"?


What are your current projects?


Almost all of us here have at least one blog, but I'm asking what other projects you have going on. (Blogs, Affiliate Sites, Information Sites, etc.)


Have you bought any domain names in the past few months? How many?


You don't have to be any more specific than you want to be (There's probably not someone waiting to hear your idea and steal it.). Don't be ashamed, either, if your current blog consumes all of your available time.


The reason I ask is I realized today that I have accumulated a half dozen domain names over the past few months (Damn you, BustAName!) and consequently have a few development ideas in the works.


One project in the planning stage is a site focused directly at brand new blogger wannabes with little to no experience. It would not be a "Get Rich Blogging" site but more of a "How To Create and Maintain a Successful Blog From Scratch In A 2.0 World". (Catchy name, huh? That URL will be easy to remember!)


The other project I'm working on is a semi-blog / semi-site. Kind of an Entertainment Tonight meets Drudge Report in the blogosphere utilizing text, audio and video.


So, now I've come clean, what do you have going on?



Did you enjoy your read?


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Anonymous said...

I've got a bunch of domain names (I believe it's 10) just over the past month, and loads of ideas but one at a time, after the current main blog is running fine. :) Other projects in the pipeline include blogs/sites for r/s and music.

Ad Tracker said...

YC - I agree. I could never do more than one start-up at a time.

Anonymous said...

I just registered and created mysidedoor.com. The premise being that friends come in through the side door, which is always unlocked...they don't have to knock at the front door.

Ad Tracker said...

Steve - That's very creative, good luck with it.

Thanks for stopping in, come again any time :)

Unknown said...


Dag gum you! I am working on a project similar to yours. Only my domain is WEB20complete. It's primarily going to be for newbies, but hopefully the newbies will become veterans.

Really not a big deal, There's plenty of room for good bloggers who really care about what they do!

Maybe we can exchange ideas!

Ad Tracker said...

Joe - LOL!! Just goes to show, there is no such thing as a new idea!

Good domain name. You'll do fine.