Lets Do Something Different




All of you guys that have been around for a while know Thursday is stats day. That was cool when everything was new but now it's time to grow.


Last week this blog broke through the barrier of profitability. In light of this, I've decided to start reporting monthly instead of weekly. Since the last report was for the eighth week, I'll report again on October 8th.


Have You Reddit?


Reddit is one of the big social book marking sites where the readers evaluate submitted articles and vote them up, down or not at all.


Where StumbleUpon readers tend to like lists and cool pictures, Reddit members are more into pillar article type stuff. While Reddit has the potential to deliver massive amounts of readers, my experience has been about 10-30 in the first 1-2 hours and then almost nothing.


Here's my offer.


Last week I stumbled all over you. This week I'll Reddit you. Reddit-ing an article requires a lot more effort so I'm not going to take as many entries and I'm going to ask more of you in return.


This time I need you to direct me (with a link preferably) to the one article you have written that you feel deserves some exposure. Please don't ask me to sift through your archives to find something to submit.


I am also going to ask that you commit to coming back here tomorrow and telling everyone what happened. Did you get a spike in traffic? How long did it last? How many hits did you get? etc. Be as brief or elaborate as you wish. I would like to have some actual figures though. (Yes I'm working on something.)


I'm only going to commit to submitting the first 12 decent articles but I may very well go longer. Don't rule yourself out just because you see 15 comments because several of them will be mine. Let's have fun with this and don't forget to come back to report about your experience.


Blogging Joe On The Radio


A loyal reader and regular commentator here is taking his blog to the next level.


Joe, from Arsenal Marketing will debut the Blogging Joe Radio Show this evening live at 7:00pm Eastern.


He'll be taking live calls and IMs while he discusses blogging and Web2.0 marketing and if someone asks him a question he can't answer they will be rewarded with a link from his home page.


Catch the show at 7:00pm Eastern this evening.


Show link - Blogging Joe Radio Show

Phone in - (646) 716-9639

AIM ID - bloggingjoe


Be sure to click over and show him some support.


This is for Bush Mackel

Fulfill your need, grab my feed!


Anonymous said...

I'll jump on board with this experiment and report back with stats/results. I'll have to get back to you on what post to use (unless you decide to pick one) so I'll let you know sometime before tomorrow morning :)

Ad Tracker said...

Nick - I thought your last post was good so I went ahead and submitted it.

Anonymous said...

Works for me! I'll be sure to let you know how many clicks I get from it. It's nice to see your avatar in my recent readers section...come back often!

Ad Tracker said...

Nick - Ha Ha! I was reading your last post when you commented here!

Anonymous said...

how very kind of you!!!! haha well if you submit this post: http://www.shaunlow.com/a-definitive-stumbleupon-guide-driving-traffic-to-websites/. I'll report back to you with full details. I would also like to stumble your post in return so maybe you could let me know which one you want!! (e-mail me which post you want stumbled) shaunlow@shaunlow.com

Ad Tracker said...

Shaun - I got you.

I would love a stumble on the 10 Commandments post if you're in the mood :)

Anonymous said...

This is the article that I think is one of my most interesting.


If you would like to do that one it would be great and I will let you know the results


Unknown said...


Thank you so much for announcing my radio show. I wanted to let you know that Blogtalk Radio changed the time of my show. They changed it to 3:00pm because 7:00pm time slot is prime time, So I'll have to do it next week Thursday at 6:30pm.

Same deal applies, if you stump me I will post your question on my blog with an anchor text link back to your site!

Unknown said...

Adtracker here's the link on reddit. Please pick the #2 article.


Here's the link to my site with the same article


Ad Tracker said...

@ DayJobNuker - Gotcha! I gotta go find some of those balls!

@ Joe - No problem! I listened, It sounded great!

Got you Reddit-ed.

Folks, we should feel pretty special right now. Joe just got off the radio, made a post on his own blog and came straight HERE!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adtracker, just came across your blog via Shaun on StumbleUpon. Great blog! And I'd love to take up the exchange - please submit this post :


and I'll reddit and stumble whichever post you prefer of yours?


Unknown said...


I want to publicly thank you for your encouragement that you have given me.

You have to write a post of how you did your Reddit. I posted to your site I had 139 visits for the day. I went to the store, relaxed a bit checked my stats at 10:00 I had a total of 279 visits. that's 140 visits, in about 2.5 hours.

I have to ask you something. Do you have a buzz group? If you do I want in, If you don't please email me because I am hammering out the details and I am going to start one.

Ad Tracker said...

@ YC - Consider your post Reddit-ed! Thanks for the stumble ;)

@ Joe - Good for you! I meant every word.

Nothing special from me. It must be your content :)

Rudi said...

Hello again,
I'm game :-)

If you could just do the post I did today :
I'll try to report tomorrow night cuz I'm going to be busy with my kiddies this weekend.



Ad Tracker said...

Rudi - That is a powerful story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I submitted it to Reddit as well as Digg and Stumble.

Enjoy the time with your kids and tell us how this works out :)

Unknown said...

Final tally for your "Something Different"

major spike in traffic!

Total visits 150

Here's the great part:
Total views of article prior to adtracker 318
After adtracker: 671.

So the cool thing about this is not only the spike in traffic. A lot of visitors came back to view the article.

Thank you so much for your great ideas and for sharing with your community!

Please tell us what you did to create the traffic.

If this works on a consistent basis, it's something you could make a product out of and sell it.

Just think if only 10% of your community wanted to become afilliates, you would have an immediate 10 outside sales rep for your product and 10 immediate backlinks to your site!

Anonymous said...

nice idea here :)

It would be great if you could reddit this post for me:

I'll come back later and report results then (I'm adding this comments coversation to coComments for better track :) )


Anonymous said...

You know -

1) That picture was not what I had in mine.
2) That does not look like you doing that "happy dance".
3) I'm not sure you could do THAT "happy dance" if you tried. (#);D

Ad Tracker said...

@ Joe - That's Great! Congratulations.

I promise I didn't do anything special and I'll bet your results are not typical but we'll see. I believe it was due to your content.

I wish I did have some secret I could bottle and sell, I wouldn't be above it ;)

@ IngaOz - I got you Reddit-ed. I liked your article so much I stumbled it too. Be sure to come back and tell us what happenned!

@ Bush - What exactly did you have in mind?

I can't believe you don't think I could do that dance! Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes? ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reddit, Adtracker! :)

Ad Tracker said...

YC - You are quite welcome! How did it work out?

joen05 said...

Hey, if you're not out of reddits, if you could please reddit this article!



Ad Tracker said...

Joen05 - Lucky you, I had 1 left ;)

Be sure to report back with what happened!

joen05 said...

Wow! 441 uniques off of that reddit! and about 750 pageloads. That just about tied my record when you last stumbled my page!

Ad Tracker said...

Joen05 - That's fantastic!

It was a good article.

Thanks for coming back and reporting :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Adtracker - I did not notice any particular increase in the traffic, but it could partly be because despite the additional vote, it still only had 2 in total in the end. :) But still, it doesn't mean it was useless - how did it go for yours since yours would be accumulated reddits on one post?

Ad Tracker said...

YC - Sorry it didn't do well for you :(

I didn't see any real traffic from Reddit either.

What can I say? Reddit is quirky.