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Does anyone remember Fechr? You know, the site set up by Bobby Griffin from Bestest Blog that we all wrote reviews about so we could get featured for free?


If you recall, everyone was sold the deal that if you wrote a review of Fechr (Pronounced Feature) your blog would be put into a random selection and eventually be featured on Fechr and get hundreds of visits for free.


This was supposed to be a great idea because the features would only be free in the beginning to bloggers who wrote a review. After Fechr became popular they would charge to feature a site.


There's just one problem, it seems the site is on auto pilot and has been for almost a month, with Bloggrrl as the "featured" site for over three weeks.


A Little History


Fechr hit the scene on or around July 28th. At least that is when the 1st review, written by Colleen from Geeky Speak, was submitted. My review was also written on the 28th and was the eleventh post submitted.


A search of the archives shows the site was maintained as advertised, with a different site being featured every 24 hours, for the first eight days. During the next 14 days only six sites were featured, then at some point, the last site to be featured was put up. That was over three weeks ago and nothing else has been put up since even though Fechr is still accepting article submissions and is now up to 165 submitted posts and growing daily.


The concept of Fechr always seemed a little flawed to me. I never understood why anyone was supposed to want to go out of their way to check a site that was just going to show some random blog's homepage but, being a newbie, I played along. Now, it seems, maybe I was right.


I don't begrudge the free review I wrote. I understand that plans don't always work out. Sometimes a great idea doesn't get off the ground.


What I don't understand is why, if the site is actually dead, would you leave it up and keep accepting reviews from unsuspecting bloggers?


I appeal to Mr. Griffin to do the right thing and post some type of notifications so no more bloggers are tricked into writing a review for a site that is no longer being maintained and is not going to deliver on it's promise to them. At the very least, the article submission form could be disabled.


* Bobby Griffin was emailed for comment but did not respond before posting.



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Anonymous said...

Always make sure you can deliver before promising. :)

I'm sure Bloggrrl(sp) isn't complaining just yet tho'!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I noticed this issue with that site a while back. I too wrote a review for them so as to get my site Fechr'd but oh well I guess.

Ad Tracker said...

@ YC - No, I don't think Bloggrrl is complaining but that site is probably only getting maybe 20 hits a day, if that.

@ Nick - Yes you did! And I meant to credit you with a hat tip. You said something a week or two ago about it somewhere.

I had actually forgotten about Fechr until you brought it up back then :)

Anonymous said...

You're on the blog war path. you are like a blog superhero.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.

Ad Tracker said...

@ Brent - I don't mean to seem like I'm on the warpath. Please see my follow-up post.

I don't want to pick fights with people. Except maybe scrapers ;)

@ Matt2p - You're quite welcome and thanks for stopping in, come again :)

J Adamthwaite said...

It's Feburary 3rd and Bloggrrl is still there and Fechr are still accepting submissions. I know because I just wrote the review, and only realised after snuffling around some of the other reviews that nothing new's been up for months. Even a google search wasn't terribly enlightening, though it's how I ended up here.

I've taken my review down and now feel a little silly. Why am I always so impulsive? Still, it was a nice idea.

Ad Tracker said...

J Adamthwaite - There's no reason to feel silly. You should be proud of yourself for making the effort to dig deeper.

It really is irresponsible of them to leave the signup info posted like that.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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