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web site promotionDo you need more traffic to your site? If your answer is NO, go away, I hate you. If, however, you are like the other normal people, listen up.

Get your site featured at (Pronounced - Feature). is a website promotion outfit that is guaranteed to boost your traffic flow by featuring one new site every 24 hours on the front page. Features are free for now but that will only last until the site traffic grows enough to justify charging.

To take advantage of this opportunity to boost traffic to your own blog you must write a blog post or give it a mention with a link and then fill out the form on the Fechr site to submit your entry. Free features are randomly chosen but they will notify you by email when it's coming up so you can alert you hosting company for the extra traffic. Sit back and wait for the hits!


Bobby Griffin said...

Hey there Ad Tracker,

Thanks for the great post! I hope you'll stop by daily and check out whose being featured (even if it's not you!). Don't forget about the Digg/Stumble/Reddit/Delicious buttons on the top. Hitting these not only helps, but it helps the feature that day (with some extra traffic) and future features (by perhaps bringing in some repeat visitors). Thanks!!

Ad Tracker said...

Bobby - Thanks for the compliment. I look forward to watching your site grow and being fechr-ed :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, have you heard anything more about this site, I submitted my site and never heard anything. I just went through the entire archives, it looks like they kept it up for about 2 weeks and have only changed it about 3 times since then. Bloggrrl has been on the front page for over 2 weeks now! I like her blog and all, but what is the deal with fechr?

Ad Tracker said...

I was over there a week or so ago and saw BlogGrrl's blog up. I didn't realize it wasn't being kept up.

I guess it didn't end up being as popular as they hoped.

Web sites come and go. Sometimes things don't work out. Whatcha gonna do. It's not the first time I got jipped on a review ;P