What's In A Name?

A famous guy named Bill once wrote, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” True, but if it were called the “Thorny Stink Bush” do you think guys would line up to buy them by the dozen?

“I’m sorry sweetheart; here are a dozen thorny stink bush flowers.”

I don’t think so either.

How much attention do you pay to a blogger’s name or the title of their blog when deciding to visit or not?

I remember some bloggers by their name, like Chris Bloczynski, Dean Hunt, Darren Rouse, Rhys Wynn and Sapheyerblu. Everyone knows Darren and Dean’s blogs but I honestly have to really try to remember the names of the other blogs if I can at all.

I know other by the titles of their blog, like MeAndMyDrum, Enkay Blog, ArsenalMarketing and DoshDosh. With these guys, I have trouble remembering their names.

The third type are the bloggers who are known by the name of their blog. These would include John Chow, John Cow, Susan Suarez, and BlogGrrl. (Isn’t it interesting that even though she posts under her real name, everyone knows her as BlogGrrl?)

I know some of you guys are screaming at the computer, “It’s called BRANDING, stupid!” Just calm down, I realize this and I’m getting to my point.

What do you do when your branding is all wrong?

The theme of this blog was originally based on, what I thought at the time, to be a novel idea. The concept was to provide a test bed where bloggers could make suggestions for changes and find out the results without having to experiment on their own blog because I would freely share the trial and error results.

Unbeknown to me, half the bloggers out there were already freely sharing most of this information. They just weren’t making it the primary focus of their blogs.

This flood of entrepreneurial genius has left me with a blog that has come to have very little to do with its branding. Would you believe this blog ranks in the top 20 on Google for the searches “ad tracker” and “adsense tracking”, #6 for ”adsense tracker” and #1 for “adsense track”? I put the ad for AdSense Gold in my sidebar simply because of the search traffic for “adsense tracker”.

The problem is, I almost never discuss these topics and don’t have a great desire to.

The Google search rank stuff is just an interesting fact. The real problem I’m having is with the negative reaction to my name (Ad Tracker) and the blog title (AdSense Tracker Blog).

While I initially thought those names would be appealing to bloggers, I have come to understand they cause most bloggers to turn and run like customers from a greasy used car salesman.

Case In Point – I have been experimenting over the past ten days with StumbleUpon. During this time I have voted on over 180 pages and made a comment about most. While my SU page has been viewed by almost 200 Stumblers, very few have actually come to this blog. In fact, while I was typing this article, my latest post was Stumbled by a reader and I received only 2 hits over the next hour.

According to the accounts of similar StumbleUpon experiments by Average Joe Blogger and others, these results are unusually dismal. I can’t help but think my blog title and personal moniker are an extreme turn off to the social bookmark crowd. In a Web 2.0 world this is a BIG problem.

I don’t know if I should just start another blog and turn this one into an affiliate site to capitalize on the high keyword rank or try to re-brand this one.

I don’t think you guys would tolerate the concentration on affiliate sales. Besides, where would I put great posts like this?

What Do You Think?

I would really appreciate any ideas or input you guys would be willing to take the time give. I know some of you are professionals in this stuff.

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Anonymous said...


Another great post! I tell you one day I will Learn how to write like you do!

Anyway, I think everyone questions this at some point. The thing you have to keep in mind is who your customers are.

Are you shooting for bloggers who already have experience using internet advertising?

Or are you trying to appeal to folks who are trying to learn which advertising to use?

I know that you are worried about the name, but as long you continue to provide good content, you will continually build readership.

As far as the stumble upon stats, don't worry about that. Just make sure that when you sumbit an article there tell your friends, fellow bloggers, Arsenal Marketing, etc. ask them to read it and to vote on it.

after you get a few article with some votes others will take notice!

You have a great blog! Your content is always fresh and hip! I just knew you would eventually have BlogTV on your site!

The decision you have to make is a hard one that only you can make. Once you make it don't look back.

Best of Luck!

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks for the encouragement Joe. You are very kind :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just came across your blog because of a comment you left at EnkayBlog. As a fellow college student from the Midwest I guess I'll feel obligated to become a regular.

Anyway, in regards to your blog name, I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much and the name and description do not describe your blog. You have great content, but I think the blog name may be limiting your results in terms of regular blog readers (although the search rankings seem nice).

Maybe as a suggestion, consider getting a domain name (which always seems to be recommended) that you can use to brand your blog and "recreate" it in a sense (you can still keep your current content). Then to benefit from your current search engine rankings you can just use a redirect to point traffic to your new domain name.

Ad Tracker said...

Nick - You make some good suggestions. I have to admit though, that I'm intimidated by the prospect of trying to move the blog and doing the forwards and all of that. It's really way over my head.

CEHMagic said...

A very informative post. You learn the importance of search words and search word terms. A notable question should be which words/phrases reach the readers you want to attract better?

Anonymous said...

Okay, brutal honesty here. When I saw "AdTracker", I wasn't thinking that you were going to be so awesomely cool. I didn't think you'd be able to write so well, either. Of course, I was pleasantly surprised! I do think that you will build readers, but I like Nick's idea. I am clueless about the forwarding and all that stuff, but someone did it for me just a couple of days ago so I could change hosting companies. He has a business, and I'm going to be posting about it soon. I am spoiled now, and excited to have a working comment form...:-) Whatever you decide to do, you'll keep me as a reader.

Ad Tracker said...

@ CehMagic - That really is the question isn't it?

@ Blog Grrl - Thank you for your honesty and thank you for your gracious compliments.

I'm leaning pretty strongly towards Nick's idea as well, I'm just a little unsure yet.

I respect you very much as a blogger and truly appreciate your encouragement.

Unknown said...

First off, Thanks for the link back and the comment! I think its easier to remember me by Enkay as most people do so I'm glad that the branding works! Also, I read some of the comments and wanted to say that you shouldn't be scared to move your blog! Just be sure to create plenty of backups. I can help you get a host and all that kind of good stuff. For my own blog I set up a test blog and I could do that for you so you can see how you can transfer all your posts to a new wordpress blog. Let me know!
- Enkay

Ad Tracker said...

Enkay - Thanks for the offer! You guys have been so kind :)

I may have to take you up on that in the future.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about other people but I was referred to your site by a variety of other people, even though I don't remember who now.

The title of your blog didn't really turn me off because I'm not the type that gets turned off by this kinda things but I think the most important thing was the good referrals you were getting in posts.

By the way, your link to DoshDosh is wrong.

Ad Tracker said...

Jonathon - First of all, Thanks for checking us out and be sure to tell those great people who referred you thanks! They obviously have great taste ;)

I agree, word of mouth will make up for a lot of shortcomings. (Thank God!)

Thanks for the catch. In the process of fixing it I found another bad one ;P