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I don't remember how or why but I ended up on VoteForBacn last night and found some interesting linkbait projects and a contest all of which I'm passing on to you today. I posted the contest earlier and for the sake of my subscribers I'll combine the linkbaits into one post.

Spicy Blogcurry

The linkbait strategy James at Blogcurry is using is a review exchange. The hook is his site has a Google Page Rank of 4. Sounds great right? It may be, I'm just confused.

While he has some really well written how-to's for new bloggers, from the obligatory Making Money Posts to Mobile Blogging and Video Blogging and everything in between, there are a couple of things about this site that I don't understand.

Perhaps one of you guys can explain to me how a blog with a Technorati authority of 17 and rank of 383,299 achieve a PR4 especially when most of those links come from the current backlink project?

How does a blog get a PR4 when the oldest post I can find is the "about" page and it's dated July 13, 2007? That would make the blog about 6 weeks old. Has there even been a PR update since this blog was created?

I checked at Popuri and Iwebtool both of which show it to be a PR4, I just don't understand how.

You can take part in this and get a review and link too. Visit this link for all of the rules. Of course, you could also take part in the I Review movement or the Fair Review Project or all three!

Is there a way for this to be legit or have I been scammed? This blog is a PR0 so a link is a link as far as I'm concerned. I would just like to know.


This is getting silly. is giving links for reviews. It sounds like a great deal since they claim to be a PR5 and Technorati Top 100. There just seem to be a couple of problems with these claims.

First, someone should explaine to these guys a Technorati Authority of 27 does not put you in the Top 100.

Second, does everyone assume no one will check when they make a claim? According to Popuri EzineBlog is a PR0 / Alexa Rank - 1,277,833.

That means the little blog you are reading is ranked better across the board than the one claiming to be a PR5! LOL!!!

I'm sorry, I got distracted by the tears in my eyes from laughing.

EzineBlog had one post in the month of March and nothing for April with 10 posts in May. It looks like the posts started coming a bit more frequently toward the end of May or early June and cover topics from Politics to Entertainment.

You too can get a big PR0 link by writing a review of EzineBlog. The rules are here.

When I do these type of posts I usually try to come back fairly quick with something serious to get them off the top of the page. I think I'm going to leave these at the top for a while so they can receive some good exposure.

Once again, if you would like to participate in a legitimate review and link exchange I encourage you to check out the I Review Movement and the Fair Review Project. I'm a lot nicer when I review people who don't try to con me.

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Unknown said...

Wow, Thats an awesome post. I haven't seen either of these websites before. It is possible that these people have bought previously owned PR4 and PR5 websites and have started to run their blogs hoping that they would get a lot of hits! I like how you think, youre pretty smart! You busted it wide open! Good stuff. Its better to stay away from such things!

Anonymous said...


I haven't heard of the first blog you mentioned, however, I did come across the second one and I did exactly what you did. I checked the page rank, looked at how many posts were onthe blog itself. What a crock! I think you were being nice by have link bait in the title. It may be more appropriate to have said, Bait and switch...:)

Ad Tracker said...

@ Nabil - I'm not savy enough to understand how this works. You may have an idea about how it could be true. Just seems fishy to me.

@ Joe - I'm just glad I checked them out so I didn't look completely stupid. If I had done my research before I started writing I probably would have just scrapped the post.

Thanks guys, I just don't ubderstand how they could game the Page Rank sites.

Unknown said...

There is a cool tool you can use to check the history of old sites*/
Now I tried to access the site to see and its broken. So they have either gone hiding or their server is down when I tried, but it looks like they have been around for 2 years, that or they took over a lapsed domain with a good PR that is also fairly common.

BTW love the site.

Ad Tracker said...

Alex - Thanks! That's a cool tool. I didn't think to use the Way Back Machine.

Thanks for taking the time to stop and comment :)