Week 5 Stats

What Happened This Week?

This week saw continued PPC advertising with decent result. We also experimented with Reddit and Digg submissions and experienced limited short term success. The traffic numbers grew somewhat from last week but the revenue fell off dramatically. The blog passed 1200 total hits this week and now has a Technorati authority of 104 and ranking of 50,281 while subscribers increased to 26.

Here Are The Numbers

Expressed in - Hits / Subscribers / Revenue

This Week - 408 / 26 / $ 0.05
Last Week - 375 / 22 / $ 3.24

So Far - 1231 / 26 / $ 6.34


Primarily due to the dismal performance of the regular AdSense ads, I changed over to running a package of referral ads instead. The referral ad program allows me to investigate the advertisers and products they are offering and choose the ads that are shown on this blog. It also gives me the ability to endorse them and direct you to them as I did earlier this week and will do again.

We will probably settle on a mix of content related and referral ads but for now I would rather have a banner for Shoes.com that isn't earning money than an ad for some "Get Rich Quick" scheme that isn't earning anything. It just feels cleaner. Besides, it's shoes! Hello!?!?

Once again I thank you for coming back regularly or receiving my feed. It amazes me how tollerant and forgiving you are while I find my way in the blogosphere.


I honestly have checked out, personally signed up for and do endorse all of the referal ads you see at the top of the page. There were several that didn't make the cut because they were scams or they started sending loads of spam.

The Secret Shopper, Free mp3 and Shoes.com programs have not been that way at all. If you are so inclined, I encourage you to check them out and know that they were hand selected by me to present to you.


Anonymous said...

I've found that it takes a lot of posts in order to get a lot out of AdSense. I have 3 years of archive and I made about what you made in two weeks in one. I probably average $30 a month-- which isn't all that hot I'll grant you.

I hadn't heard of the referral program yet, so I'll have to try that out.

Thanks for sharing.

Ad Tracker said...

MInTheGap - Thanks for the info. Yeah, deffinately check it out.

Anonymous said...

I don't think digg/reddit build readership. I think it just brings traffic.

Also I imagine the traffic from digg/reddit most likely use adblocker plus. I do. I see no ads :\

Ad Tracker said...

Brent - I agree the Reddit and Digg readers are just in and out.

No ads? Shame on you, You're just no fun at all ;)

Michelle said...

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Ad Tracker said...

Michelle - Thanks for the great rescource!

Hope you enjoyed your visit and stop in frequently :)