Thanks For Stopping By Mr. Chow

That's right boys and girls. The one and only Mr. John Chow spent a little over 2o minutes right here in our little playground this afternoon.

I'd just like to say on behalf of all of us; Welcome Mr. Chow, we hope you enjoyed your visit and decide to stop in from time to time.

If you call ahaid next time we'll roll out the red carpet or mow the pasture, which ever you prefer ;-)


Becky C. said...

I guess we both called some male egos out on the carpet today,


Ad Tracker said...

Becky - Yeah - Us is right!

I'm feeling kinda proud right now.

Anonymous said...

Chow visited my blog about a week ago.

To be honest, I've blocked his avatar, I was getting sick of the "OMG CHOW LIKES CHOOO!" comments.

Each to their own, I guess.

I'd be more impressed with the top avatar personally ;)

Ad Tracker said...

That's why I didn't crop the shot, Rhys! ;-)

Anonymous said...

haha he's like a celebrity? Your mybloglog widget thingy doesn't match your site. was he on a different blog or something?

Ad Tracker said...

Shaun - He's a pretty heavy hitter to be hanging around here!

The screenshot came from the MBL community page for this blog. I used it because it has the bigger avatars. You can still find him in the widget on the right hand side, it's just harder to see.

Don't get paranoid, everything insn't a conspiracy, just most things ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice job attracting the big cow. I'm proud of you.

Ad Tracker said...

Thanks Chris. I'm kinda proud of me too ;-)