Publish Yourself

What should you do with all of those great articles you wrote that are lost in the dungeon of your archives? What about those poems or short stories that are just laying around collecting dust instead of being enjoyed?

Why not publish them?

What if you could do it for free?

Lulu is an online self publishing house where you can build a book project in almost any format from ebook to brochure to paperback to hardcover while maintaining your intellectual property rights.

Simply compile your project in almost any popular word processing format, upload it into your book project and design your cover. Once your project is complete and ready to publish, set up your free storefront, set your price and start promoting your book.

If all of this sounds a little bit intimidating, don’t worry, Lulu offers easy to follow tutorials as well as assistance services at every step of the process from professional editing and proofreading to cover designs.

The feature I found most appealing is the ability to use Lulu’s tools to build an ebook and market it through the free store front. If you allow your ebook to be downloaded for free there is no charge from Lulu. If you choose to sell your ebook Lulu charges a mere 20% commission on the sale. Wouldn't it add a touch of class to offer your readers a free ebook of all your tips & tricks and do it for free?

You don't have to sell your book. Imagine how cool would it be to give your friends a hardcover copy of your own book this Christmas? How about if you were to present the aspiring author you know with a hardback edition of their own work?

What if you gave your child or grandchild a real children’s book that you had written? (What an heirloom that would be!)

You get the point. The possibilities are simply endless, check it out for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I've thought of publishing down the road as I create more and more content. Do you intend to put together a book sometime?

Anonymous said...

Really does this mean we are going to see some Adsense Tracker in print? :D

I've heard of this before. Sounds like an interesting idea. Maybe we will get better books out there due to services like this.

Ad Tracker said...

Hi guys - I am absolutely putting together an ebook. This little blog will not be the end of this project ;)