Are you tired of fighting to grab a decent oppertunity on PayPerPost? Here's an alternetive. Blogvertise.

Once your blog has been approved for Blogvertise you will receive emails with a website URL in them. Your task is to mention the site on your blog and link to it at least three times in the post. The post must be permanent and not be deleted in the future.

There is no requirement to like or endorse the site in any way, so you don't have to sell out.

Blogvertise seems like a straightforward and honest way to add a little income to your blogging career without having to compromise your principals.

Registration is simple, just fill out the standard form online and post about Blogvertise like this one and wait on the task emails to come pooring in.


Becky C. said...

That is good information. I have thought about both. You have a way of succinctly explaining stuff that even a blond like me gets it.

And do you have any idea whey Google has once again shut down Adsense on my blog. Is it cos I am just too much of a bitch. I can not see how the content would be offensive even in an academic sense.


Ad Tracker said...

Becky - Glad you found it helpful.

I don't know what's going on at your place. One time they're up and the next time they're gone.

Must be Google Gremlins ;P