Lets Make A Deal

OK gang, raise your hand if you would like some extra traffic to your blog.

No, seriously, raise your hand.

If you'll just play along it will be worth your while. I promise.

OK, I see you now. Good.

If you will follow the simple formula I'm about to share, I can guarantee you a traffic increase.

No joke. For real.

Do I have your attention?

Here's the secret formula:

Leave a comment on this post with some sort of direction to your blog.

That's it. If you leave a comment on this post (Keep them clean, please!) I will visit your blog and stumble your latest post or any post you prefer. (If you have a specific post you would like stumbled, direct me to it. If not I'll just pick one, probably the latest one.) If I really like it I will Digg it and Reddit it too.

That's it. I will do this for up to 20 commenters.

Is that easy enough?

Leave a comment and you will get, at the very least, one extra visitor but in all likely hood many, many more.

I have only one request and it is not a requirement.

I want to see if it is possible for this site to actually get any SU traffic. Next week I will be posting a Stumble Bait article to find out. The article will be titled something like "Why SU Is Better Than Digg or Reddit". When you see this post I would greatly appreciate it if you would stumble it for me. But, like I say, you are under no obligation whatsoever. There are no strings attached to this deal.

Don't know what to comment about?

How about what keywords the search engines find you with and how useful they are? Of course, you can just write "comment" with directions to your blog just as easily.


I don't want to take a chance on getting banned or screwing up the experiment for next week.

Now get to commenting.

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Hin Man said...

Here is my post to participate Hardest lesson learned in photography

Ad Tracker said...

Hin - Done. Thanks for playing!

I bet you don't make that mistake again.

Unknown said...

Girl you're awesome! Please stumble, digg, reddit my latest post. I hope it will get me some clients!

Thanks for everyhting!!!!

Here' the link:


Ad Tracker said...

Joe - Got it! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm always for new comments and stumbles :)

Ad Tracker said...

Rhys - Done! Have fun!

Unknown said...

What a great way to get stumbled!

Here is my link:


I will be back to stumble your post as you as you get it posted.


Ad Tracker said...

E.J. - Got it!

Haven't seen you for a while. Thanks for stopping in!

Anonymous said...

A free offer like this shouldn't be over passed should it? Let's see here...

Ad Sense Tracking : More is Better!

Thanks budddddd-y!

Anonymous said...


Here is my post on Curt Schilling.


This on the blog www.your-relevant.com

Ad Tracker said...

Bush - Done! Let's see what this does to your CTR ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's my comment. Please SU my site: www.HadToSay.com. I've been working on it for the past several months and am now ready for some traffic..! ;-)

A review would be cool too..!


Ad Tracker said...

Anon - Got you.

Interesting site. Good luck with it and stop in any time!

Anonymous said...

Hey, feel free to browse around at romandock dot com anytime!

As for the stumble, use my contest or any other post that you feel deserves a stumble.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ad Tracker! I'd love for my latest post on the Blog Mastermind Program to get some more attention... especially since you enjoyed it!

Er... at least, I hope you enjoyed it! Here's the link. Thanks! You rule.

The Blog Mastermind Program

Anonymous said...

I thought this was a thought provoking post and very apt material releent to my blog http:gullibility.blogspot.com because you are seeking evidence to support or undermine claims made for Adsense. As for me, I'm amazed at the money I'm getting...whilst only a trickle I still think its a great idea for a hobby blogger

Silencer76 said...

It sounds like a really good concept, and I am in if you are still looking for people...:)

My blog is at http://silencer76.blogspot.com and I hope that it kicks up traffic all round. Have a great day. :)

Ad Tracker said...

Nick - Got it!

Good luck on your very unique contest :)

Ad Tracker said...

@ Matson - Sorry I was late. Your comment got nested in my email. I found it this morning and got you stumbled.

Sorry for the delay :P

@ Chris - Gotcha!

@ Reasonable - Done! Don't be too cynical ;)

@ Silencer76 - Got it! Thanks for the memories :)

joen05 said...

Hey looks like I'm getting your last stumble/review!


Thanks so much!

Ad Tracker said...

Joen05 - Got you!

Nah! I've got lots of stumbles left in me!

joen05 said...

Well, for this deal anyway.. just got a huge spike in traffic.. thanks! Now they just need to click.. hehe

Ad Tracker said...

JOen05 - Good for you!

John Foy said...

Please count me in, here's my link http://www.johnafoy.blogspot.com

Everyone has a carbon footprint -?

All the best and kind regards
John Foy UK

Mitesh Asher said...

Can u give link to my blog
as 'Humor Pictures'

I will give link to your blog.

Ad Tracker said...

@ John Foy - Done! Hope that extra traffic doesn't consume too much carbon getting to you ;)

@ Mitesh Asher - No thanks on the link exchange, but I did stumble you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'd like to take part in this. Count me in!

Freelance Blog:

Don't forget to join our freelance forum too! It's at:



Ad Tracker said...

FV - Got it!

Good job on catching that fake PR7! That reminds me of the post I made last Saturday.

I went ahead and stumbled the forum too.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I don't know if you've already received 20 requests or not, but here's mine: Spelling.

Ad Tracker said...

Matthew - I got you!

You have a nice site. I was just afraid to leave a comment over there. Kinda like sending your 3rd grade English teacher a Thank You note.

Scary ;)

Telling It Like It Is said...

I've been reading up on your blog for most of the day today(shhhh don't tell my boss! hehe) and I just have to tell you I'm thoroughly reading every bit. You've got some great articles here and I just can't get enough. I was hoping to maybe, pretty please, ask if you'd consider adding a list of your titles on your sidebar instead of just the archive months? You've got such great stuff here, I'd just hate for anyone to miss out on the older articles. Oh, and if you are so kind as to stumble me, you might prefer my latest one, as it's partly about your site here! Yeah! Happy Blogging!

Ad Tracker said...

Telling - I'm not telling!

You know, I have actually been thinking about doing that exact thing. I too hate to see the good ones disapear into the archive vault.

Don't tell anyone, but I'm also putting together an ebook project for "one day".

Thanks for digging into the dungeon and you have been stumbled. Nice article :)

Kersty said...

Heya! I'm new to this Blogging game, which doesn't seem to be quite such a huge thing here in the UK. But really enjoyed reading your site this afternoon, despite being slightly humbled by your talents! :)

Thanks for the great opportunity!
- K -

Ad Tracker said...

Kaiveejay - Welcome! You are very kind.

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, come back any time :)