Almost everyone scoffed last Sunday when I posted this article.

Who's laughing now?

If you try to go to John Cow dot com you end up on John Chow dot com.

Did this little blogger pull back the curtain and expose an evil sceme?

You'll have to decide for yourself.

Just remember, you herd it here first!


Anonymous said...

How cud we have doubted you?

(Best pun I could think of)

Ad Tracker said...

Nick - Someone doubted me?

No whey!

Becky C. said...

Just like I have no interest in dyke drama, I have no interest in geek drama--but it appears I am in a minority. The guy payed the game right.

Ad Tracker said...

Becky - Aww c'mon now. That's no fun. You gotta lighten up and laugh at things ;-P

If you didn't like this post, you're really not going to like what's coming tomorrow! HeHe!!!

Becky C. said...

I liked the post and the analyis.

It is guys like this cow person that irritate me.

I think that the blogosphere should be something more than a bunch of people trying to tell other people how to optimize their traffic or sell something.

I wonder who views this stuff--everyone is trying to optimize each other and sell to each other.

There is real good stuff out there and this crap always gets the attention of the blog viewing public.


Ad Tracker said...

Becky - I understand exactly what your talking about. I actually am working on a post about it, but...

I've got to say...

I love this stuff!!! I think it's a hoot! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Becky C. We wonder if you have actually read our articles as we are not selling anything to anyone.

It seems to us that you're the one that is trying to sell herself with a title like:" Just a Girl in short shorts" and the beauty pageant 'crap', to put things you seem to dislike in your own words. You're hit the nail on the head when you said you could be very shallow.

Don't have a cow.

Ad Tracker said...

John - First of all I doubt your credentials. Your identity points to joncow.com which is an empty page.

Secondly, When one of my readers, of which I count you, expresses an opinion no one has to agree, but personal attacks are unneccessary and, quite frankly, look childish and bitter.

If you are who you claim to be, and I have my doubts, didn't you post recently about maintaining peofessionalism on your blog.

I ask all parties to participate in the exchange of ideas and opinions but lay off the personal attacks, please. :-)

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