John Chow - John Cow, Same Person?


If you were a “Dot Com Mogul” with a huge following but things were starting to get a little stale, what would you do?

What if you were to create a nemesis, an interloper that burst onto the scene seemingly from nowhere?

If you were to create this alter ego, wouldn’t you then publicly acknowledge him and then fire zingers at one another?

Perhaps you would run a contest on your blog to give away some useless item like a USB drink cooler and then let your rival win it! Then your rival could use it as a prize for their own contest. Heck, you might even let your rival be a guest poster on your blog.

Of course, you’d be certain to post links back and forth between sites to keep stoking the rivalry so your readers would bounce back and forth to see the responses.

Think of the revenue a site with that level of instant success would generate.

If someone were to accomplish that kind of trick, people would probably refer to them as a “Dot Com Mogul” or “Moogul”.


sapheyerblu said...


Things that make you go "huh".


Anonymous said...

Interesting... but do you think John Chow would have the time for something like John Cow?

Ad Tracker said...

@ Sapheyerblu - Don't they though? I honestly can't believe someone else hasn't brought this up.

@ John - How much time would it actually take? You already have the teplate. An underling could take care of the mundane stuff.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line, he win. well, that's why he's the Mogul, see. Bottom line, he win. Clever bugger. make you want to admire him - or not.

kuanyin333 said...

Interesting speculation and very well presented. The thought had crossed my mind too, and I'm thrilled you posted this.

Ad Tracker said...

@ Joezul - You're right. Like I said, a stroke of genius if true.

@ Kuanyin - I knew I couldn't be the only one that had thought of this. Thanks for the validation!

Anonymous said...

It's also possible he pays someone else to manage

And, now that we're talking about all this, we're playing right into his evil plan. ;-)

Ad Tracker said...

Dcr - Like they say, "It doesn't matter what they're saying as long as they're talking." ;-)