I'm Rich!

I'm forever in the debt of Hin from Hin's Tech Corner since he just gave me $ 1 Million Dollars. Actually, now that I think of it, I'm not in debt at all anymore. Cool! The only thing is, to receive the money I have to say what I'd do with it and then pass it along to five other bloggers. Oh, wee it'll be fun to have for a second or two.

The first part is easy. If I were given a million dollars I would go straight over to sitepoint and buy myself a good blog. I would then de-monetize it and just have fun blogging!

Instructions: ***** Start Copy *****

Proposition - If you have $1 Million Dollars

Requirements - Continue above sentences.

Tag Mode - 5 bloggers

Link - Add your anchor and post link below.

What They Would Do With Their 1 Million Dollars

SYH will Spend on Family
Miche will Give to Needy
Montessorimum will Keepsake
Lovely Mummy will Spend and Save
MummyInVain will Fully Utilize
Babyfiona will Buy House and Open Business
MonkeyWong will Go for a long vacation
EmilaYusof will Realize her Dream
Mariuca will Open a perfume gallery
Hin will Blog to Donate for Charity
Norski will Tithe to top off 10%
AdSense Tracker will Buy a Good Blog

Instructions - **** End Copy ****

I'm going to tag Bush, Enkay, Sapheyerblu, Joe and Chris


Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me adtracker!!!

I will reciprocate on Monday or Tuesday! You have helped my site so mcuh! I want to make sure to let you know, that I do appreciate it! BTW, I am glad you are now rich!!!

Ad Tracker said...

You're welcome Joe.

You have a nice blog, Joe. I don't mind promoting it at all and you have sent me some traffic too :)

I WAS rich, I just gave it to you!