Week 3 Stats

Here we are at the beginning of week four and time to review the stats for last week like we do every Thursday. This week’s stats produced a couple of surprises that I’m proud of as well as some disappointment. I am very proud to report that as of this post, you guys have helped this blog break into the top 325,000 at Technorati with an authority level of 20!

What happened this week?

This week I joined in on a couple of memes; the John Cow Feed Train and the Blog Tip meme. (Thanks Danielle!). This week I concentrated on networking within social communities, primarily My Blog Log and Blog Catalog. This networking effort seems to be paying off in new traffic and loyal readers/subscribers.

The Stats

While I don’t have the specific numbers for you, (They are actually getting to big too keep up with.) I can say the social networking sites are referring the most traffic, about 70%.

Hits / Subscribers / Revenue

This Week – 276 / 22 / $1.25
Last Week – 135 / 16 / $1.80
So Far – 448 / 22 / $3.05


While the revenue figures are obviously disappointing, the traffic numbers are fantastic. I have some theories why the revenue seems to be lacking and I will explore those in a later post. Google stops in at least every three days (HI GOOGLE!) so I have to be certain not to violate the TOS. I can, however say that my content obviously pulls in some low paying ads and I don’t know what I can do to change it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

All I can say is that the entire success this blog has experienced is due to your loyal support. Thank You Soooo Much!!!


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Ad Tracker said...

EW - I saw that earlier today and am considering it. Thanks for the tip. ;-)